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The CSV/XML file data Import & update helps many WordPress users who are still updating website content with XML files. WP Ultimate XML Importer imports bulk data added in your XML files to WordPress. The supported 3rd Party WordPress add-ons include WooCommerce, Events Manager, ACF Free & ACF Pro, JetEngine, Toolset Types, NextGEN Gallery, WPML, YOAST SEO Free and Premium, RANKMATH SEO Free & Pro, Pods, and much more. Sample XML files for the supported third party plugins are available below.


Download Example XML Files

Sample XML file for the WooCommerce Import

WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer Pro plugin supports XML file import. WordPress Users can use the XML file to do the WooCommerce product import/update, product variations import/update, WooCommerce product orders & refunds import/update, WooCommerce coupons import/update, Woo products attribute import, Woo Products categories import/update, Woo Products tags import/update, WooCommerce product bundles import/update, WooProducts Chained Products import/update, and more. Sample XML Files to try the import/update with the sample data is given below

Sample file for Events Manager Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer Pro plugin offers WordPress users the chance to import and update the data created using the Events Manager plugin fields. You can import the Events Manager events data, locations details, recurring events fields data, bookings using the WordPress XML Importer plugin. Also, you can update and import the new events manager plugin categories and tags data with WordPress XML Importer. Sample XML Files for the Events Manager meta fields are able for download in the below links

Sample file for Multilingual Post and Product Type

WP Ultimate XML Importer Pro plugin supports WPML Multilingual, Polylang plugin , and qTranslate X to make your website content multilingual. With the help of the single XML file in your hand, you can import the multilanguage posts for all multiple languages. Multilanguage posts import/update is possible for the default posts, pages, custom post types, Woocommerce products, and more with WP Ultimate XML Import/Update Pro plugin. Sample XML files for the Polylang, WPML, and qTranslate X multilanguage setup are given below to download and use for the product evaluation.

XML file for SEO fields Import

Smart SEO WordPress plugins are available for free in Due to the increased demand for the SEO plugin to boost the rankings for the millions of websites created using WordPress, smart WordPress SEO plugins are largely used by many WordPress administrators across the globe. To help such users, Smackcoders Technologies Pvt Limited is offering the import/export tool for the top 3 SEO plugins in the current-day market with the WP XML Importer/Exporter plugin. SEO plugins like Yoast SEO free & Pro plugins, All in One SEO, RankMath SEO free & Pro plugins metadata can be updated and imported using the WordPress XML Importer/Exporter Pro plugin. XML files with the sample data are given below to download for the product evaluation.

XML for NextGEN Gallery Image Import

WordPress XML Importer/Exporter Pro plugin offers support for the NextGEN Gallery Free version plugin. If you have existing galleries created using the NextGEN Gallery plugin, you can import the new images into the existing gallery using the WP XML Import/Update plugin. Also, the WordPress XML importer plugin imports the images along with the post metadata. Sample XML files are available to download from the link below.

XML files for Custom Fields Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer/Exporter plugin offers support for the custom field plugins including PODS, CMB2, Toolset, ACF Free and Pro plugins, JetEngine by Crocoblock, and default WordPress custom fields. Custom Fields grouped under the Custom Posts, Posts, Pages, WordPress Users, Custom Taxonomies, WordPress Tags, and WooCommerce Products can be imported using the WP XML Importer/Exporter Pro plugin. Sample XML files are given below to download in the form of links to do the product evaluation with it.

Sample file for Custom Post Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer offers the import, update, and export support for custom posts with the default WordPress fields. Core fields data import including title, content, slug value, author name, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and more can be imported using the WordPress XML import/export plugin.

Sample XML file for Post & Page Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer/Exporter plugin offers complete support for the Posts and Pages data import and export. Default WordPress setup comes with basic post types including the posts and pages, and the WP XML Import plugin lets you import all the important field data including images, categories, tags, pages attributes, menu orders, featured images, posts dates, post status, and more. Sample XML data is available in the form of XML file below

Sample file for Comments Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer/Exporter Pro Plugin helps the WordPress administrators to export all the comments from the old site and import the same data back into the brand new WordPress website. Titles available in the new WordPress site act as the matching component, and import all the comments under the right post title one by one. XML file with sample content is available below.

XML files that you are going to download from the above link are prepared with our sample post_titles, so importing the file straight away cannot help you with the comments import. Before you make an import with this sample XML file, change the title values to your WordPress post_titles to get the correct results.

Sample XML file for Users Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer Pro plugin lets you import/update and export the WordPress users. You can import and update all the default user fields data using the WordPress XML Importer plugin. WooCommerce plugin-generated billing and shipping fields data can be imported and exported using the WordPress XML Import/Export plugin along with default wp-user fields. Third-party custom fields plugin like WP-Members is supported, so import/export member meta fields data is possible using the WP XML Import/Export plugin. Sample XML content is available for download in the link below.

Sample file for WP Customer Reviews Import

WP Ultimate XML Importer/Exporter Plugin supports WP Customer Reviews field data import/update. WordPress XML Importer Pro plugin offers the option to import the bulk number of user reviews with info like content for the reviews, review formats, ratings for the reviews, address information, and more. XML file with the sample data is given below.

Sample XML file for Categories, Tags & Taxonomies Import

WordPress XML Importer Pro Plugin supports import/update and export for the fields available in the Custom Taxonomies, Categories, and Tags. You can import and update the field information like taxonomy slug, image data, hierarchical data, description, and more. WordPress XML Importer/Exporter plugin also supports custom fields data import/export for the categories, tags, and taxonomies. If you are using the supported third-party plugins like Pods plugin, Toolset types plugin, JetEngine or ACF plugin, WordPress XML Importer/Exporter plugin import the field data in a quick time. Sample XML content is available to download in the link below.

All the XML files given in this blog are prepared and tested with the XML Importer Pro plugin by Smackcoders. If you are using other importer plugins, these XML files might not work for complex fields like Checkbox, Date fields, Multiple image fields, Relationship fields, taxonomy structures, and others. Kindly use this XML file to evaluate with our WordPress Ultimate XML Importer Pro or Free plugin.

Basic XML Files requirements

  • The XML file needs to be in valid format. You can do the validation here.
  • WordPress Ultimate XML Importer plugin can handle any large size XML files based on your server configuration.
  • The headers can be of your choice, but you have to map the right header with WordPress fields in the mapping section. If you keep the XML file headers the same as the WordPress field slug name, the fields will get automapped in the mapping page.

To test the sample XML files, visit the WordPress Ultimate XML Importer/Exporter Live demo. If you need more detailed XML file samples for your use-case, write to us at [email protected].

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