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Email marketing is the traditional way yet, effective means to communicate with customers. Vtiger MailChimp Integration helps to build your brand by nurturing the leads and follow-up the prospective buyers. All types of businesses want to keep in touch with their potential customers. Customers will get special prices, discounts and offers through email campaigns.

Mailchimp is an automated email marketing tool helping business entities to send emails. Mailchimp helps to find the audience, track their engagement and analyze the campaigns. Businesses use Vtiger CRM to handle the entire workflow, operations, and functionality maintenance. Integration of MailChimp with Vtiger CRM helps companies to run successful email campaigns. Running effective MailChimp email campaigns inside the Vtiger CRM automates data sync workflow.

The Objective of Integrating Mailchimp with Vtiger CRM

The major goal of Mailchimp and Vtiger CRM integration is bidirectional data synchronization. Users can sync audiences and campaigns between Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp. Understanding your customer’s interests becomes easy for the sales and marketing team. The sales and marketing team work together to do any email campaign tasks. You can instantly trigger or schedule the sync later to automatically perform. Integration of Vtiger CRM MailChimp performs the sync automatically on a predefined interval. You can synchronize the Vtiger CRM records with your MailChimp email marketing tool. Secured synchronization is possible with Mailchimp API, either for selected records or all.

Features helping to Get your Things Done without Shuffling

Vtiger Mailchimp Plus Integration bidirectionally connects your Vtiger CRM with Mailchimp. Shuffling between the applications to get your work done is not required. Vtiger Mailchimp plus integration is an extension for connecting Vtiger CRM with Mailchimp. The extension allows syncing your Mailchimp Campaigns to Vtiger CRM Campaigns. Sync Mailchimp Audience, Subscribers, Tags, Segments, Groups, lists, and groupings easily to Vtiger CRM.

Highlights of Vtiger CRM Mailchimp Integration

Users can map the fields of Mailchimp subscribers, campaigns with Vtiger CRM leads, contacts and accounts field. You can add Groups and groupings in VtigerCRM and sync them to your Mailchimp account. Selected records can be synchronized alone to MailChimp. This can be done from the module settings page and by choosing the field to Yes under “Sync Selected records?”.

Extra Characteristics of Integrating Vtiger CRM with Mailchimp

Integrating your Mailchimp email marketing tool with Vtiger CRM comprises many benefits. It supports multi-language for 14 different languages. Bidirectional sync allows you to access Mailchimp data without login to your account.

A salesperson can easily switch between CRM and Mailchimp to get customer information. Sales representatives can quickly send emails to clients from Mailchimp and get the campaign details. Lead management and so many operations can be performed from a single window.

Get real-time insights about your customer behavior from your Vtiger CRM. This helps improve the visibility of your sales from the campaign dashboard. Sales and marketing team knows your client’s involvement and the campaign success rate.

Vtiger CRM Mailchimp integration nurtures teamwork by enabling team collaboration. This helps in follow-ups of leads and work more efficiently with complete visibility. It improves list targeting by tracking your leads and previous campaign analysis. You can create your targeted list for the email campaigns to your audience.

How to get Started with Vtiger Mailchimp Integration

You can start using the Vtiger Mailchimp Integration with the basic prerequisites. Get started with your Vtiger CRM versions 6.5 or 7.x and Mailchimp integration. The other important requisite is ionCube Loader version above 10.0.5 or higher based on your PHP server version.

The Final Words

The Vtiger CRM extension syncs your Mailchimp account in just a few seconds. It allows syncing records easily, edit, save and manage your Mailchimp Campaigns, Audience and Subscribers from your Vtiger CRM. You will get access to connect, manage and synchronize your MailChimp to CRM without switching between one another. Managing the data on both the places is very simple without any effort and more time. No more time-consuming process of import/export of records is needed to do your tasks. Get to know more about Vtiger Mailchimp integration here to save your time with a bundle of enhanced features. In this way, you can automate your worldly processes, whereas if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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