Be More Productive With Enhanced Vtiger Manage Duplicates

April 27, 2016

Vtiger Manage Duplicates has been enhanced with huge improvements both under the hood and on the front-end to help Admin and Salesman manage their Vtiger CRM without data duplication. We are sure this will help you enhance your productivity to greater heights. The highlights of the release are :

Customize Merge Rule

The updated Module settings will help you specify Primary fields to be used for matching purpose. In addition, you can also specify the list of fields that should be merged. You can enable/disable the duplicate checking for specific modules. The rule of Primary fields and merge fields can be defined specific to the module.


Stops Manual Duplicate Entry

In spite of all the automation, we need and we do add and modify records on the User Interface. The new enhancement will warn you when you have duplicate field values for the primary fields. This duplicate check will also follow the rule specified in the Module settings. The Find Duplicates option provided in the record will help you look up all the duplicate records and merge them.

vtiger realtime Duplicates check and merge

You can write to us at [email protected] for any support regarding the product. We will be happy to hear your feedback and add the necessary features and do customization for you.