Be more productive with automated pay run process

April 3, 2018

Ever wondered, how HR professionals manage all their work? Their typical workday consists of a different set of processes from employee attendance to timekeeping, hiring to performance tracking, and more. Above all, the one that stands out of the crowd is Payroll Processing.


Whether the organization is small or big, managing payroll can be quite challenging. Most of the HR professionals spend a huge portion of time on payroll processing, especially when it is done manually. To counter this problem, we have a solution for you!

OrangeHRM Payroll, to automate and make your employee pay run process a breeze. It saves a tremendous amount of time and effort of your HR professionals and reduces the likelihood of errors as well. Not just payroll, it also helps you to manage all the needed information necessary for the payroll calculation. Let’s have look at its features:

Automated pay run

Not all your employees work at the same time-frequency, some may work on the monthly basis and some may weekly basis. To efficiently handle this, OrangeHRM Payroll offers you with different pay run frequencies like Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Biweekly, and Weekly. You can the pay run schedule that fit your needs.

You can define a unique payday for your employees based on the job location, department, and different salary template. It lets you to automatically reschedule the pay run process to run on the defined frequency without any manual intervention.

Manage employee attendance

You may use different biometric devices to keep track of your employees attendance. And employee attendance is an important factor to generate the accurate pay-run. With OrangeHRM Payroll, you can get all your employee attendance with just a click. Export all your employee attendance information from any biometric devices and import & get all the info inside your OrangeHRM in one go.

Employee Appraisal & Loan Management

Appraisal – Efficiently management all your appraisal based on their performance with OrangeHRM Payroll. You can provide the appraisal for an individual employee or to a group of employees in a fixed amount or provide a percentage of their basic pay.

Loan – OrangeHRM Payroll lets you to efficiently manage all your employee loans. You can also add loan limits for your employees.

Take a spin right now and lets us know your thoughts in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]