Powerful WooCommerce Emails made easy with Email Customizer

August 10, 2016

“A Customer Retained is a Customer Gained!”. Effective and Powerful communication with your Customer plays a vital role in Customer retention. Achieving customer retention with the same template for all Order status emails will be boring.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stand out of the crowd?

Yes, Every business wants to be unique and Email Customizer WooCommerce will help you do that. You can design your own email friendly template of your choice.

WooCommerce Order List

Simple & Powerful Editor

You can customize the entire template visually or with the WYSIWYG editor based on your business need. You can drag and drop the WooCommerce order variables like username, order date, etc., to structure the template. You can add your company logo, background and text colors. You have complete control over the template design.

Custom WooCommerce Email:

Email Customizer Woocommerce adds a custom order status, Product Delivery. Now, you can notify your customer with their product delivery status. You can be in touch with them till they receive their product in hand. The email template of each order status can be designed with your own unique ideas.

Preview & Send Test Mail:

You can preview the newly designed email templates. You can send your HTML templates to any email address for design testing and debugging. You can also check for the responsive view before you send it to your customers.

You learn more about the product in the product page and documentation. You can write to us at [email protected] for any additional custom order email you want. You can also download our Free version available at wordpress.org