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WP Ultimate CSV Importer allows you to import a bulk amount of data into the respective WordPress dashboard menu. There may be some issues or queries that arise while importing or after importing the data. Since the bulk amount of data gets uploaded in CSV Importer. So in this guide, we provide a checklist that you have to follow or verify after importing the data with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.


Import Status verification

WP Ultimate CSV importer allows you to import all the data into your WordPress site dashboard in a few clicks. To check whether it imports all the records provided by you in the CSV file. To figure out this check on the import process stage, you are able to view the remaining record to import, total records, and file size. So you can cross verify the total records and file size with your original CSV file.

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View Log

The log details display the file name, file format, mode of event, and the number of records. You can either check the imported data details in admin view or web view. If an error occurs, go back to the import processing section and click on the “Rollback” button to revert the import/update.


Roll Back and Back-up

After uploading the file, just check whether all the columns get uploaded. If not, click on roll-back to prevent shuffling and errors. The main Advantage of WP Ultimate CSV Importer is it allows you to rollback to retrieve the existing file data. Enable Rollback checkbox in the import configuration section. After importing the CSV file in the Import processing section, a “Rollback Now” button gets displayed. If an error occurs like importing files get mismatched or import failed, just click on the Rollback button to retrieve the existing file data. Always Enable Rollback to avoid import errors.


Database Optimization

Clear the trash data from your WordPress importer plugin. Optimize your database by removing unwanted files from your DB. This cleanup the importer and removes all the unnecessary records. With WP Ultimate CSV importer you can optimize your database by


Remove Duplicate Files

WP Ultimate CSV importer clearly picks and kicks out the twin records. ie) It automatically removes the duplicate records while importing the file. For this, you have to click on “Do you want to handle the duplicate on existing records?”. And then you have to select the field name to check duplication.

ultimate-csv-importer-duplicate- enable

After choosing the “Mention the fields which you want to handle duplicates” click on the Import button. In the Import processing section, it will display a message as Skipped due to a duplicate happens in the log if duplicate records are imported. But the other records get imported.
Always choose post_title as a duplicate record checker unless you provide post_id in the CSV file. If you fail to insert post_id in the CSV file it will automatically get post_id and import the duplicate record also.

ultimate-csv-importer-duplicate- file

Media Handling

While uploading images in the “Media uploads” section available in the mapping stage. You have to be aware of providing the same image name in the CSV file. If you provide a different name, it won’t get uploaded. The media file in the mapping section shows the image list that you are going to upload. If an unwanted image is available in the zip file it can be removed manually.

ultimate-csv-importer-image- file

Why is this a great feature?

Since you can able to view the file name, module whether it is a post, page, custom post or third-party plugin images, or WooCommerce product images. Also, you can clearly view the success count and the failure count. This helps you to check the file and import it correctly.


End Touch

WP Ultimate CSV Importer has various merits to speed up your process. Hope you have a clear idea about the post-import checklist and the handling methods of imported files. For feedback and questions kindly contact us.

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