Pods Custom Post Import

To import the CSV files into custom fields install WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin, Pods Plugin and activate it. To enable the Pods go to settings of the WP Ultimate CSV Importer and go to Custom Fields in that Enable Pods Custom Fields as shown below. If the Pods Plugin is not enabled we can’t able to create the field type so kindly verify once again whether the pods custom field is enabled not CSV Import procedure for Pods:

To import the CSV file please navigate to the import option on the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin as shown below. We can upload the CSV files in four ways

Choose the corresponding option to upload the CSV file. Then click import option to import the CSV file. After you uploaded files only import button will enable. Map the WP fields to CSV header in the core fields and then map WP fields to CSV header in the core custom fields. If you want to add the custom fields please refer below.

Basic information needed for Field Registration

Pods Custom Post Import

Label – Label represents a caption for an item. And it is used to display in an order.

Name –Represents the name of the item is to be displayed.

Description –Represents the description of an item.

Field type – In the field, type select the fields related to the name of the item as you need.

Label and Name are the required fields without completing it we can’t proceed.


After the basic information for field registration is done click the Register button. Once the pod’s fields are registered map the WP fields to CSV header.   If you want to add more Custom fields click the Add Custom Field. Once the Pods fields are registered click the next button in the bottom of the page. Then next page will show the summary of a total number of mapped fields and unmapped fields and then click proceed import button. We can import the CSV files in the scheduling process also check what are the needs you required then click next and import the files.  After importing all the CSV files, custom fields are created you can verify in the admin view or web view.

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