Payroll Management | Premium Addon for Orange HRM

Payroll is a premium Payroll Management Plugin for Orange Hrm.The features built within payroll plugin will counter all your needs and requirements in managing process of payroll in hr with ease and simplicity. Now the current version is 1.5 compatible to orange hrm 3.0.1- Click here to go to product page.

Payroll was designed keeping the unique, universal, multi national and cross industry usage in mind. So you can create and rename your fields as per your industrial standards. Also you can create various salary structures and template them with different pay scales. Also you can assign them to multi user across multi departments etc. Payroll enables you save each repeated process as separate task for future usage and automation. This plugins saves you huge time spent for payroll related process in hr.


Payroll has a well defined feature set, enables one to have full control over the whole hr payroll process like

  • Creating fields with user defined names
  • Define them as earnings / deduction and type.(eg. fixed, calculate and annually).
  • Create different salary structures based on created fields
  • Includes / exclude fields for a structure
  • Edit and update salary structure with single click
  • Create different salary template from structure based on field values (eg: various basic pay)
  • Can arrange the fields to be displayed by ordering it
  • Assign to multi users accross multi department
  • Save as Task for future usage and automation purpose
  • Preview payslips generated
  • Reports and logs for analysis

Feature to come

You can automate by scheduling the whole process or to run selected tasks monthly etc. If you have any feature request please feel free to contact us.


Orange HRM version 2.7 is supported

PHP version 5.2 and up is required.

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