How to optimize your website migration process?

April 18, 2018

Have you ever experienced this scenario :

You’ve just bought a new place may be a new house or new office. And now you will start boxing up all your things & get ready to shift to the new place. Finally, the shifting day arrives, and then you discover that the process is not as smooth as you thought. Some things are not fit for the new place, some things get lost, etc.,


The same applies to your data migration process. On any time, you may think that your current website is outgrown and decided that it’s time for a new website. It seems simple, but it’s a delicate process. Preparation and working will cost time and an even very small mistake can lead to a catastrophe. As website acts an entry point for your customers. Now there will be many questions rising on your mind, but key among them is: How to migrate our website content more quickly and efficiently.

Here is our WP Ultimate Importer to make your data migration process a breeze. Now you can migrate all our website content within few simple steps and without much effort.


Use our built-in export option to export all your existing website content in just one go. You can export the data of Post, Page, Custom Post, WooCommerce, Custom Fields and more. And you can export your data in 4 different formats like CSV, XML, JSON & XLS.

With the available different filter options, you can easily export only the data you’re in need of. So that you no longer need to manual work to remove your unwanted data. You can export data with delimiters, data specific to a particular author, period and Status.


After exporting all your data, now import all your data in your new website with few simple steps :

  • Upload – Initially upload your CSV/ XML. you can upload it from 4 different locations Desktop, FTP, URL, Server
  • Map – Map the appropriate CSV header field with the WordPress fields. And you can do this in 2 ways Advanced Mapping or Drag and Drop Mapping.
  • Media Handling – It lets you import both inline and featured messages. You can mention the media gallery URL or any other external URL in your CSV to import all your images into your new website.
  • Import – Here you can import all your data right way or you can also schedule your import to run it later.
  • Not just import, CSV Importer offers you with different set of features to make your import more quick efficient learn more in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer page. Having any feedbacks write to us at [email protected] or please leave your comments below.