An Open Letter to Sreenivas @ VtigerCRM

June 6, 2017

I have been closely following the happenings of the VtigerCRM as we do work on VtigerCRM for a lot of our customers. I really appreciate your comment on our blog is VtigerCRM killing open source version. I would really like to let you know that the Vtiger CRM Open Source version deserves a better management.

Quality is going down:

The release comes as a surprise to many of us who are actively following the development process and the quality of the released version is much lower than the previous versions. You guys should have tried Release Candidate version before going out with the release. However, it is good to see the release of 7.0.1 which I believe has bugs fixed. Let us wait and watch.

Zero Openness:

I see still zero comments on the release blog. I believe there will be a lot of people who would have left some appreciation or their thoughts on the release blog. I even left a comment which is still not visible in the post. Are you guys sending all comments directly to Trash?

We see one of your developers coming and saying that you have fixed 100s of bugs which is not available in the list of issues in the repository. You guys should call it as a FREE version than the open source version.

Too much tied to Vtiger Company:
When we compare the new User Interface release on the On Demand hosted Vtiger and the Open source version, I believe the community should have been given the new User interface much earlier. It makes me feel that there must be an intentional delay in the Open source version. Given the communities activeness, I believe the Open Source version need a separate community manager and works independent of the VtigerCRM company.

I would love to see these concerns addressed going forward.

We (Smackcoders Technologies) build a lot of extensions integrating Vtiger with other products. We do hosting of the CRM and also customize it for their own installations. Our customers did raise concerns over the current release.

  1. Fenzik,

    Sorry, I was just made aware of this letter.

    > Quality is going down

    We usually release a RC candidate before release. With 7.0 we have be releasing development builds for 2 months prior to the release, and felt an RC would not be necessary. The reason for releasing the development builds was with the intent of improving the quality of the final release. Soon after 7.0 release, we did release 7.0.1 to fix the issues reported.

    We are feeling good about the quality of the open source release.

    > Zero openness
    > I even left a comment which is still not visible in the post. Are you guys sending all comments directly to Trash?

    I am surprised that comments were turned off for that blog post. I am checking internally why that is so.

    Our forums, our discussion, and comments on our blogs are all open. We welcome comments and feedback, and releasing development builds for 7.0 early on in the cycle is proof of that.

    > Too much tied to Vtiger Company:

    I have written about this earlier in the developers list. The enhancements of Vtiger open source is in large part driven by enhancements that we are implementing in the cloud version. Just 7.0 has leveraged more than 20,000 hours of development work done for cloud version. For us, both open source and cloud versions are important. A good Vtiger open source will bring more customers to Vtiger cloud.

  2. Fenzik,

    I received this explanation from our marketing team about why you were not able to add comments on the Vtiger 7 Release post.

    Visitors to our blog could only comment on posts less than 30 days old. We configured it this way because we found that people tended only to comment on new posts, while it was exclusively spammers that took advantage of older posts to publish spammy content. We decided on the 30 day threshold when we launched the new blog more than a year ago.

    We have now increased it from 30 to 90 days to account for content with some longevity (as in the case of VT7).

  3. Thanks Sreenivas for your comment.
    I appreciate your time in letting us know the details. As you prepared the reply for this post, we have done a lot of enhancement to
    1. Our Studio manager
    2. Mobile Application
    3. Email Plus
    4. And more.
    We do have a lot more coming up down the line.
    Do check out the latest happening in our blog.

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