Now Vtiger QuickBooks Integration: Compatible with the latest version of Vtiger 7

September 13, 2017

Seamlessly integrate your Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks accounting Software using Vtiger QuickBooks Integration and now it is enhanced to support the latest version Vtiger CRM 7.

Now you can think that, why to integrate your QuickBooks with Vtiger CRM 7? Let’s see how it’s beneficial for your business!


Nowadays many business organisations rely on Intuit’s QuickBooks software to manage all their finances, from payments and invoicing to payroll and bookkeeping. Since it requires no formal accounting training to use, and offers numerous industry specific versions. As well as, the new version of VTiger CRM is made in such a way to make your CRM experience more simpler and smarter. However integrating these two popular sources, would definitely helps your business to be more productive. Here are some of the benefits:

Effortless Integration

No more hassles of adding API credentials or any additional information for authentication, now you can seamlessly integrate your Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks in just a single click. Install the Vtiger QuickBooks Integration and then just click on Connect to QB, that’s all now you’re ready to sync the information between your Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks.

Real-time Sync

Your teams can add or update any information about your customers at any time. With Vtiger QuickBooks Integration, you can efficiently sync the data between your Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks without any manual intervention. And you no longer need to access your QuickBooks accounting software, you can easily update your QuickBooks data within your Vtiger CRM.

Easy & accurate creation of orders, invoices

Whenever your sales reps confirms a deals, they need the send the detailed information about the deal to your accounting department to generate invoices. A simple mistake may lead to some troubles. But with Vtiger QuickBooks Integration, now you can easily create accurate invoice for your customers and you can make sure that your deals never fall through cracks.

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