New WP Ultimate CSV Importer is here! Enhanced with awesome features

June 27, 2017

Since its start, WP Ultimate CSV Importer has gone from strength to strength. We have consistently added new functionalities to it. In the same way, today we just can’t wait  to unveil the latest and greatest update for WP Ultimate CSV Importer we’ve been working on. What’s new?

Now much more new features is added to the bundle to make your import even more smarter & better than before. With WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can easily schedule your export, Update post with slug and more.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer v5.3

Cyclic Updates :

Getting regular backups of your website data can be difficult at times,  especially if your website is constantly updated. But now this is not the case with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. You can easily schedule your export and get periodic updates about your website data and the latest version of your website is readily made available without much effort.

Intuitive website for users:

The new WP Ultimate CSV Importer is designed in the way to maintain your WordPress websites more vibrant. With the built-in Maintenance mode, you can notify your site visitors that the website is under maintenance. And Rollback option ensures  database integrity while running important updates at the backend.

More custom fields support:

In addition to the import of custom fields of ACF, Pods, Types and WordPress Default custom fields, you can now import the custom fields of CMB2 and Custom Field Suite with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

Are you ready to try out the new features? Check our Live Demo or take FREE Trial by clicking on Try Now button in WP Ultimate CSV Importer page.

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