New WP Advanced Importer! Enhanced with amazing features

August 8, 2017

The more the merrier – by John Heywood

There is never a single option that fits all. Likewise, a single file format is no longer fits all, you may have your data in both CSV as well as XML. Well, here comes our WP Advanced Importer to provide you the option to import your xml data into WordPress for FREE. Now you can easily import XML data of Post, Page and much more into your WordPress.


XML import

WP Advanced Importer lets you to import and update your Post, Page, User and Custom Post from XML files to your WordPress. As well, with support for the XML import of simple WooCommerce products, you can easily create and manage your WooCommerce online store.

Prevent Duplicates in your WordPress

WP Advanced Importer made it easy to keep your WordPress database more optimized. Now you can efficiently handle duplicates on the flow of your XML import. Removing duplicates can help you rank better in Google search.  

Made to do more

With the support for the custom fields of CFS (Custom Field Suite), you can easily build more intuitive and dazzling websites. The newly enhanced user interface, enables you to have a smooth import and update flow.

If you haven’t yet tried, you can download WP Advanced Importer for FREE now.

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