New Update: WP Ultimate CSV Importer with WP-CLI, Polylang Pro support & more

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  • New Update: WP Ultimate CSV Importer with WP-CLI, Polylang Pro support & more

Today, we have rolled out WP Ultimate CSV Importer with major upgrades and improvements. As we are committed to maintaining consistency in good quality and bringing something new. We have added the exciting features you want and will thank us for that. We have focused more on improving your importing experience. Therefore we have integrated the plugin with WP-CLI. You can now run the import without the web browser’s help. There’s more you need to know. Read this article till the end to find out what this new update offers.


WP-CLI Integration

Let’s take a step back and see what the WP-CLI is before we get straight to the point. WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress. You can use it to perform any actions by entering a line of codes in the CL interface. You can do all the administrative tasks without logging in to your WP dashboard. It’s easy to do plugin installation, upgradation, multisite installation configuration, and a lot more tasks in CLI. All the tasks you do in the WP admin dashboard are easily done with CLI. Also, it lets you do tasks in the command line that you can’t do in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Managing a website via CLI is the most direct way. As you can complete the task simply by providing a line of code. This integration saves you from the server timeout error and lets you complete the import tasks quickly.

To access this feature, you need to install the CLI in your WordPress. For installing CLI, make sure your environment comes within the below requirements:

How to Import files via CLI

Importing files is just like normal import. From uploading the CSV/XML to media handling configuration is done in the plugin view that is inside the WordPress admin dashboard. Only the import step is done in CLI.

Provide the import command, 
wp ultimate-import list
to list all the uploaded files.
The command will be different based on the CSV importer packs(both free & pro). For Free version:
wp ultimate-csvimport list
For Premium pack(Pro):
wp ultimate-import list
For WPML Pack(Pro):
wp ultimate-wpmlimport list
For Custom Fields Pack(Pro):
wp ultimate-cfimport list
Then run the choose file using the below command,
wp ultimate-import run ID
wp ultimate-import run 6
Here 6 is the id of the uploaded files. You can run multiple file imports by providing ids in commas. These imports will be run in a queue.

Read the steps explained in our documentation to install WP-CLI and import files via CLI to WordPress.

Extended Polylang plugins support

CSV Importer Pro plugin now supports the Polylang Pro and Polylang for WooCommerce add-ons. You can import, export and update translated posts, pages, custom posts, taxonomies, and WooCommerce(products, orders, attributes).


To know more about how to import, export, and update translated data into WordPress refer to our documentation for Polylang Import Export. If you are a premium user upgrade the plugin now to grab this new feature.

Upgraded to WordPress 6.1.1

We have upgraded CSV Importer to support the latest WordPress version 6.1.1. It works perfectly with the new WordPress. So if you have updated your website to the latest version, upgrade our plugin also to use it without any issues.

Bugs Fix & Improvements

Below is the changelog for the current Pro version 7.3

Improvements Added

Bug fixes

Feedback/Contact Us

Hope we have got you covered. If you feel we have missed adding anything you want, please write to us. We will add that in our next release.

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