New improved features for WordPress CSV XML Import Export Plugin V 6.0.3

October 17, 2019

We are happy to announce newly improved WordPress CSV XML Import Export Plugin aka WP Ultimate CSV Importer V 6.0.3 which becomes the most stable release since V 6.0. This release comes with a set of powerful features for more advanced bulk import users and known issues/bug fixes. This post will give an overview of all these features

  • WPML compatible
  • Auto delimiter support
  • Bulk Import for any hosting setup
  • Localize option for remote images used in the content
  • Post Content Editor in drag and drop mode mapping

WPML compatible

WP Ultimate CSV XML Importer & Exporter plugin is now officially listed under WPML compatible directory as Multilingual-ready plugins working with WPML. WPML is a well-known plugin for building WordPress Multilingual website and blog easily just with a plug and play feature. And WP Ultimate CSV XML Import plugin helps to import WPML Multilingual website data from single CSV as mush as easy in one shot import. Here is a tutorial for How to import CSV data into WPML multilingual CMS may help you to know more on this.

WPML ready plugin

Auto delimiter support

The much useful auto delimiter support has been added again from V 6.0.3 and now “,”, “\t”, “|”, “;”, “:” delimiters are automatically processed without any issues. Now CSV importers with above delimiters are processed without editing the source file which was quite annoying and leads to data breaks.

Bulk Import for any hosting setup

Until V 6.0.2 there was a minimum recommended setting to tune up the bulk-sized data import like increasing max. execution time in your php.ini file is required. This was required to avoid crashing your import unexpectedly. But now with an improved import engine available with v6.0.3, the plugin can manage any size of data import regardless of size limit.

This means the plugin itself can imports huge CSV XML files without any crashing or freezing issue at import or export tasks.

Localize option for remote images used in the content

It usual that remotely located images are used as URLs in post content or featured image fields. Some times there may be a need to avoid get this imported to your WordPress site for some obvious reasons. Now it is simple to import these remote image URLs with or without localizing/downloading it into WordPress media folder.

This feature can be used whenever needed based on the content gathered in CSV or XML files. Note featured image import doesn’t affect by this option and it works as usual.

Post Content Editor in drag and drop mode mapping

This is another powerful feature added to our importer tools that give more strength in controlling mass import with structured content. There is no need to edit the CSV data line by line.

In advanced mode drag n drop mapping, a new WYSIWYG editor is added for the post_content field. This allows users to add static styled text like bold, italics, bullets and numbered items to post content area. Also add images, tables, and media URLs, etc. now with this cook feature. You can drag n drop any CSV/XML column data in between these styled texts and structures.

Though these editor items are static to all imported posts, CSV/XML column data are dynamic and get imported as in the mapped field set. This feature will add more creativity to imported post content.

For detailed documentation please visit CSV XML Import Export Help or visit WordPress CSV XML Import Export Plugin to learn more about the product and packages.