The all-new Address Autocomplete for SuiteCRM

August 24, 2017

Every business organisation wants its sales person to be successful and to close more deals. Yet it is not an easy one to achieve. If we ask any salespeople about the whole sales lifecycle, they will list a pile of works that often makes it difficult for them to achieve their goals. One such work is entering all your customer information in CRM manually. Manual data entry may accidentally lead to inconsistent data and typo errors.


But having the accurate customer information in your CRM is one of the biggest asset for any business, especially for any eCommerce store having the correct and accurate address customer information is essential to boost the first-time delivery rates. Now you can easily enter your customer address information in your SuiteCRM without any errors. Address AutoComplete autofills the address field, when your salesman starts typing an address.

Automate the address filling

Entering customer address information in multiple fields like mailing, billing and shipping address in your Suite CRM without any errors can be difficult. But with Address AutoComplete, your salesperson can easily add all these info without much effort. It helps to save your salesman time and allows them to concentrate on things that matters.

Secured Integration

Address AutoComplete works through the Google Place API, to provide you the real time interface to populate your customer address information with the fully verified addresses. It adds the autocomplete feature to the SuiteCRM modules like Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Invoice & Quotes and allows you to have type-ahead & location-based suggestions and creates a look & feel like a search on the Google Maps.

Complete Control

With Address AutoComplete, you can easily control the address filling of your SuiteCRM modules. You can turn On and Off the postal address autocomplete for any specific SuiteCRM modules.

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