Multiple Salary Component Calculation Made Simple in OrangeHRM

October 20, 2016

Traditional Employee payment calculation is done by Accountants and It was replaced by Excel in technological era. But, a simple excel sheet is not enough to generate Payment Calculation for an Organization having large number of employees, as it requires more time and workforce hence causing human errors.


Automating Payroll generation saves more time and energy and is free from man made errors. Payroll Module for OrangeHRM – Premium eases your difficulty by Scheduling Pay Run with Multiple Salary Components for a specific employee or a specific department. Have a look at Powerful Features newly add to Payroll that saves your time and work.

Master Salary Components

Create, Edit and View all salary components. A salary component may be a Flat or Custom Calculated field. Create your own salary components and Choose Active or Inactive status to assign the component to a specific employee or certain department.

Personalized Employee Salary Components

Customize Salary components to individual employees in Employee details edit mode. Active Salary components will be assigned as default and Inactive salary components can be added as per your requirement. Assign salary component Effect from date to the probation grade employees.

Salary Templates

Design salary templates for certain department of a specific place or for a particular department. Assign templates with Salary Components and choose HRM or Custom field to enter the value for the salary components.

Pay Run

Both Schedule and Manual Pay Run is possible with Payroll Premium. Use Manual Pay Run to generate Employee Pay Run instantly and use Schedule Pay Run to generate Pay Run on the given time frequency. If you need any help, mail us at [email protected].