Mobile CRM for your Sales people – Pocket CRM for Vtiger

May 8, 2018

In this modern era, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives both personally and professionally. In fact, every one of us is tied to our phone and tablets to get things done. According to a survey of eMarketer, “An average adult spends 3 hours and 17 minutes on mobile devices”. So it’s clear that mobile usage has increased drastically.

Mobile-CRM-for-your-Sales-people - Pocket-CRM-for-Vtiger

The same case applies to your business environment, right? Businesses that successfully leverage this condition are on their way to achieve great success. Empowering your sales reps with a mobile CRM can significantly simplify and amplify the dynamics of your salesmen. Statistics have proven that easing the use of CRM is one of the greatest productivity boosters for the sales team.

So here is the productivity boost for your salespeople – Pocket CRM for Vtiger, to get things on the fly.

Access your CRM data from anywhere

As a part of the sales team, it’s quite natural for sales reps to remain out for client meetings or any other important meeting. They need to be equipped with all the relevant and vital information before they step into the meeting. Turning on the laptop and accessing the CRM to know client information while you’re on the go is not a viable option. Pocket CRM for Vtiger, lets your sales reps to stay on top of all your client information.

Data updates on the go

Successfully completed your client meeting? Rather waiting to go back to the office, just access your Vtiger CRM and easily make changes to any CRM record. With Pocket CRM for
Vtiger, you can easily add new records to CRM, or delete any unwanted data in just a single swipe.

Work Offline

Are you traveling to a place, where there is no internet connectivity? No worries! You can work offline and all your works are automatically updated once you are online.

Plan your day

Pocket CRM for Vtiger offers you with a built-in planner to efficiently plan and prioritize your day-to-day activities. So now you no longer need to afraid of letting any of your business opportunity to pass by.

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