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Introducing Vtiger CRM Mentions

Effective communication among team members binds stronger business relationships. Though, it is a bit harder to communicate so formally via email all the time. If you want to update a particular record or assign a new task you no longer need to mail every team member related to the task. And it is a waste of time for the reader as well as the writer to explain the whole conversation to all the team members

Are you searching for the easiest way to communicate with your team members?

Here is the best option to grab the quick attention of your team members to some highly prioritized tasks. Introducing our new extension Vtiger Mentions. With Vtiger Mentions, you can easily tag any specific Vtiger users of your team directly from the comment section of any particular record. You are saving your precious time from sending emails and notifications to the mentioned users in the comment box.

Tag your colleagues on a record and ensure seamless collaboration. You will get alerts when someone mentions your name against the task, for commenting,  sending an alert, or even appreciating someone

Mentioning a particular user for a particular task saves a lot more time and avoids confusion. You can mention many users for a single task in a single comment. If you want to convey information for the same record and different users then you can easily mention the user and task in the same comment. The mentioned user can only view their assigned tasks.

You can effectively collaborate with the team with shared alerts and tasks.

Seamless Communication with Comments

Now you don’t need to mail every team member regarding the task. Directly mention a user or a group on a CRM record when you need your teammates’ input. You can easily mention the user in the comment box of the particular record. Mention the user by simply tagging it as @username. The mentioned user will receive an email/notification with the content of the comment.

How are Vtiger Mentions used in real-time?

Easy Configuration

Enabling and disabling the checkboxes is all done for the configuration. The configuration section includes Send Email and Send notifications. You need to enable the check box of any one action or both. If you enable Send Email option, then once you are mentioned by someone in any record you will receive an email with the content of the comment. Likewise, if both the email and notifications are enabled then the mentioned user will receive both the email and Notification with the comment’s content.


Configure the Outgoing server to send and receive emails. Additionally, install and configure the extension Vtiger Notify Plus to receive real-time notifications in case someone mentioned you or you mentioned other users.

The Comment Section

The mentioned user will be notified of your post, even if they are not following you. Once the user is mentioned on any record then he/she will get an instant notification/email concerning the comment


The received Email/Notification of the mentioned user includes

Features of Vtiger Mentions

Bottom Line


With Vtiger mentions you can broadcast a message to your team members about a common activity right from the detailed view of any particular record. Now it is easy to Send and receive an Email and notification and create a task without navigating to another screen. And you can get timely updates on your activities.


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