Make, Receive & Analyse Customer Calls inside your Vtiger CRM

December 11, 2017

Today, dealing with customers in phone calls requires more personalizing as the expectations of customers grow. And CRM has been around for a long time to keep all your customer info in one place. Unfortunately, when you receive call from your customers, searching through the entire records is tedious.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all required information to greet your customers at the instant of receiving their call?

Yes, integrating your CRM with PBXManager Suite makes this possible. Now, your salesman can know who is calling as they receive the call.

Call Recording inside CRM

Dial right from CRM

Now, eliminate the process of viewing the phone numbers in your CRM and manually dialing them to reach customers. With PBXManager Suite, your salesman can instantly contact their customer in a clicking  within your CRM. This enables you to reduce the human errors while dialing and connecting with wrong people.

Automatic Call Recording

Call recording gives you better insight on your conversation. Customers may call you for a number of reasons like trial extension, premium plan upgrades & more. And the PBXManager Suite, helps you to record all calls made and received in your Vtiger CRM. With all the information on previous conversations, your salesman can engage, prioritize and manage customers calls like never before.

Detailed Call Log and Reports

PBXManager Suite helps you to manage all your customer information in one place. Get the contact details of your customer in a click to check the call status. And with the s detailed statistics on  calls you can have a better insights on conversation.

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