Mailchimp version 2.0 How to Guide

October 27, 2014

This tutorial shows how to install and how to use vtiger CRM mailchimp application in your VTiger CRM by simple steps.


  1. Backup your database and files before proceeding the installation.
  2. Before start installation, please check whether Ioncube loader installed on your server. We have attached a file (TestRun.php) in the zip file. Please run this file via browser (http://[domain]/TestRun.php) to know whether Ioncube installed on your server. If installed, proceed to next step else install Ioncube loader.
  3. Go To vtigercrm CRM Settings >> Module Manager.
  4. Click Install from file buton to import a zip file.
  5. Import module in this Order.
  • Select VTMailchimpLists Module and click Import. Then click yes button and then finish button.
  • Select VTMailChimpGroupings module and click Import.
  • Select VTMailChimpGroups module and click Import.
  • Select VTMailChimp module and click Import.


  1. Go to Mailchimp Module. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on Edit button.
  3. Provide Mailchimp API key, Select Modules you want to Sync such as Sync contacts, Sync Leads, Sync Accounts.
  4. Provide Opt in mail, Default Module and Sync selected records.
  5. Click save.

Mailchimp version 2.0 settings page

How to Sync

1. Go to All in your vtigerCRM. Select “Mailchimp”.

Mailchimp version 2.0 control panel page

2. Click “Get List from Mailchimp” button and it takes the list from mailchimp.

3. The lists are shown in the dropdown box. Select the list from the dropdown box and “Sync Mailchimp Lists to vtigerCRM”.

Mailchimp Control panel

4. After Synchronizing, the records will be shown in “Mailchimp List Module“.

MailChimp version 2.0 List page

5. In the list we create contacts, leads and organisations and then “Send changes to Mailchimp”. The records are added in Mailchimp module.

MailChimp version 2.0 List synchronizing page

6. Same procedure for Campaigns also. Click “Get Campaigns from Mailchimp” and it takes campaigns from mailchimp.

7. Select the campaign from the dropdown box and “Sync campaign to vtigerCRM“.

8. After Synchronizing, go to vtigerCRM see the records in “Campaigns module“.

Mailchimp version 2.0 Campaign List


Get List from Mailchimp and Get Campaigns from Mailchimp button will get the Lists/Campaigns from Mailchimp. It wont create any new Campaigns or Lists in vtigerCRM.

9. Go to vtigerCRM >> All >> Campaign >> Add Campaign. After creating the campaign click “Send Campaign to Mailchimp

Mailchimp version 2.0 Campaign Sychronizing page

10. Mailchimp Groupings.

Select the list you want to create a Group in mailchimp. Next in vtigerCRM click “Sync Mailchimp Lists to vtiger CRM” button and it will sync the records from the mailchimp.

Mailchimp version 2.0 Groupings page

11. Mailchimp Groups.

Mailchimp version 2.0 Groups page

How to Map which subscriber added to which module

User should create a new Custom Field in Mailchimp List named as ‘VTMODULE‘. The Allowed values are

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Accounts

Other than the above three values will not be taken.

How to create Custom Field in Mailchimp Lists

Mailchimp version 2.0 custom field settings page

Mailchimp version 2.0 custom field creation

Go to “Add Subscribers” in Mailchimp.

Click “Sync Mailchimp Lists to vtiger CRM” records in vtiger CRM. Finally view it in Contacts, Leads or Accounts.

After Synchronizing the Contacts are shown here.

Mailchimp version 2.0 contacts page