Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM – To place emails right inside your customer inbox

May 9, 2018

As a marketer, you obviously send enough email campaigns to your customers. Once we press “SEND”, we may assume that it will reach all your customers inbox. But this is not the real case.


Email Spam – While you may wonder, why my campaign success rate is very low, spam messages consumes all your hard work and success. Anyone with an email has definitely came across this. Sometimes, even reputable brands may accidentally create spam messages. According to a study by Spam Law, spam emails accounts for 45% of all emails. So how we can eliminate the spam messages?

Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM – To skip the spam folders and lets your emails to reach your customer’s inbox.

Reach your client inbox

Mail Plus lets you send an email that hits straight customer inbox. You can easily bypass the spam filters and deliver email that is not being flagged as spam.

Check your email deliverability

You can easily check your email delivery status with Mail Plus. Delivery Status in Logs lets you keep track whether your email reached your customer inbox. If not, gives you with the reason for the failure.

So what are you waiting for? Grab you Mail Plus now and let us know your feedbacks at [email protected] or please leave your comments below.