Magento Vtiger Sync V2.3 Multi Language Support

April 8, 2015

Magento Vtiger Sync Version 2.3 is available now in Smackcoders store with multiple language support for both Vtiger and Magento as a user can switch to any available language within Vtiger CRM or Magento store. A number of new features added, some minor bugs fixed and few improvements added in this release. This update has been marked as stable finally after several successful testing and improvements.

Feel free to update us with your requests, suggestion, improvements etc., to our helpdesk team. Our team will prioritise your request to add it to future development pipeline.


What New Features Added in Magento Vtiger Sync Version 2.3

Multi language support successfully added for 14 languages available with Vtiger CRM. The following listed languages are added to Multi languages support in Vtiger for Magento Vtiger Bidirectional Integration.

Current available/supported languages in Vtiger CRM

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  • US English
  • PT Brasil
  • ES Mexico
  • DE Deutsch
  • Romana

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  • Turkce Dil Paketi
  • British English
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Język Polski

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  • ES Spanish
  • Pack de langue français
  • IT Italian
  • NL-Dutch
  • HU Magyar


How to switch to other languages in Vtiger CRM.

  • Click select the Gear Icon from top right corner.
  • Select Manage Users from that.
  • Please select and edit the user.
  • Go to language option and select your preferred language.

Magento Vtiger Sync Multi Lnaguage Select

  • Choose your language by typing or selecting from the language list.
  • Please select any one of the language from the language list and save it.
  • To see the changes please goto VTMage Connector module.

A Preview snap view for Spanish languages after switching.

Magento Vtiger Sync Spanish


How To Setup Multi Language In Magento

With this new feature users can use Magento Vtiger Bidirectional module in their preferred language with magento. It is simply easy to switch between all available languages by choosing one under Interface Locale.

Magento Vtiger Sync Magento Select Language
A snap Magento settings in Dutch languages.
Magento Vtiger Sync Mage in Dutch Language