List of common entry points for duplicates in your CRM

April 13, 2018

“Your Customers” – Are the biggest asset to your business. No matter what type of industry you run, what you focus on or what products or services you offer, Customers are the backbone. And the relationship you cultivate with them determines the success of your company. This is where CRM comes into play.


CRM offers you a better way to collect, organize and manage all your customer information – from interaction to maintaining a long-term relationship. However, there are also some challenges that may influence the internal efficiency of your organization and customer satisfaction. Once such thing is Data duplicates.

Duplicate might not sound like a big issue, but it acts as a real obstacle for CRM users and may lead to misconceptions among them and finally lead to the loss. But how do these duplicates enter into the CRM??

There may be several reasons, here is the list of common entry points for Duplicate Data in your CRM. Let’s roll…

Manual data entry

As CRM is used by different team members like Marketing or Sales or Support, every one of them may not check the existing records before adding a new record in your CRM. So there may be a possibility of duplicate entries in CRM.

For example, Not all your customer may contact you only once. Initially come via a pre-sale inquiry. Once purchased, they may come via support. This creates a double entry in your CRM one by your sales team and then by your support team. However this can be resolved only when – Duplicates are detected at the time of data insertion.

On Bulk data import

You may get your customer data from different sources as like from trade shows, etc. This may often get clumsy data and leads to duplicates. However, it is not possible to manually clean the CSV when it consists of 100+ or 1000+ records. And importing the same create duplicate entries in CRM.

From webforms

Incoming lead info from web forms is very similar to manual data entry. The same customer can fill in web form for presale, support or newsletter subscription or more. And today, most of the organization automatically directs the webforms information to CRM. so definitely duplicate entries will be created in your CRM, without your knowledge.

Improper setting of CRM tools

You have set everything in your CRM more perfectly, but what about the application’s setup in your CRM? Because not all of us use only the CRM, we may connect our CRM with a different external tool, to get our work done more quickly and efficiently. It can also wreck the CRM quality.

Since the above three processes are automated, it is not possible to detect duplicates at the time of your data insertion. So it is only possible to detect the duplicates after the data inserted i.e. duplicate detection on existing data. And duplicate detection is no longer helpful, we need take necessary actions – Merging of duplicate data. However doing this manually will be tedious and lack of frequent duplicate check may chunk your CRM with bad data. So the only solution is Automated duplicate Check and Merge.

So use proper duplicate detection tools to eliminate the bad duplicate content in your CRM. Do you know any other entry points?? Let us know in the comments below.