Leads Builder For CRM : Enhanced with the support for JoForce CRM

April 10, 2018

Many of the business owners spent an enormous amount of time, energy and money to increase website traffic and to generate leads. They devote a huge portion of their marketing efforts solely towards bringing in visitors attention and take action.


Once your visitor lands on your website and submits queries related to the products or services you offer. What will be your next step? It is essential to direct all your Leads info to CRM and assign sales reps for nurturing. Small delays in these process may cause your Lead to go cold and become lost opportunity. And so what’s the solution? Leads Builder For CRM, From Lead capturing to assigning automate the entire process.

And today, we’re happy to announce that JoForce CRM, now a part of Leads Builder. Now you can capture your website Lead, Contact, Users and Cart information right inside JoForce CRM.

Create & Use your favourite webform

Leads Builder for CRM lets you create & use your own Lead or Contact Form. It fetches desired the JoForce CRM field while creating new Lead/ Contact form, you can just enable/disable the necessary field to include it in your web forms.

Added to the above, you can also use your existing third-party webforms like Contact Form 7, Ninja Form and Gravity From. Just map your web form fields with JoForce CMR field to capture all your WordPress visitor info inside JoForce CRM.

Capture your WordPress Users

With Leads Builder For CRM, you can easily turn your WordPress users as your CRM Leads/ Contacts. Sync all your existing WordPress Users info into JoForce CRM in just a single click. With the support for the use of custom fields of ACF, WP-Members, MemberPressand Ultimate, you can easily get to know more about your users.

WooCommerce Integration

Leads Builder for CRM lets you capture your WooCommerce abandon cart customers as your CRM Leads. Efficiently follow-up them and let them complete the purchase. Once done, Leads Builder lets you automate the conversion from Lead to contact.

Duplicate and Spam Free

Not all your prospects will get in touch with you only once, some connect with you twice or thrice. Initially come via Lead Form, after successful purchase may contact via support. So there may be a possibility of getting double entries in your CRM. Leads Builder for CRM lets you to efficiently handle duplicates. It also provides you with the option to enable Google Captcha to bump your JoForce CRM with spam free Leads.

URL Redirection

Don’t let your Leads to struck after successful form submission. Add redirection URL in your web forms and easily navigate your prospects to the right page on successful submission.

Take a spin right now and write to us your feedbacks at [email protected] or leave your comments below.