Keep your CRM and MailChimp mailing list in sync – SugarCRM MailChimp Integration

May 4, 2018

Taylor runs an online store. He is a great fan of email marketing and efficiently uses it to communicate with his customer regularly. He runs a lot of product updates, new arrival and promotional campaigns using MailChimp. On the other hand, he uses CRM to maintain all his customer information and to efficiently do sales and support communication.


As part of campaign preparation, he used to do import and export of all his customer information. So that he can shift the mailing list from his CRM to email marketing tool MailChimp. One day when he’s analyzing the previous campaign, Taylor notices that he missed out 2 of his important customer name in the mailing list. Even after lot preparation, Taylor wonders how he failed to notice such important things.

If you’re like Taylor and looking for ways to keep your CRM and MailChimp Mailing list in sync without much effort. You’ve landed in the right place. Here is our SugarCRM MailChimp Integration – Helps you to keep your contact in sync.

Keep your mailing list sync

SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration lets you to bidirectionally sync your SugarCRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts details to your MailChimp Mailing Lists. The sync is done securely using MailChimp API.

Sync all or selected records

With SugarCRM MailChimp Integration, you can either sync all your records in one go or sync only selected records. If you’re new SugarCRM Mailchimp, use All Sync to sync all your existing contact list in one go. Once done, you will no longer need to sync all contact whenever a new Lead or Contact or Account created in your SugarCRM. By the time, use Selected Sync to sync only the new records.

Automated Sync

You can also schedule your sync to run at periodic intervals without any intervention. You can also define how often you need to run the sync between your SugarCRM and MailChimp.


Define your own condition to sync your mailing list from SugarCRM to MailChimp. You can either Add or Remove records when certain conditions are met.

Sync Logs

It gives you a quick glance of your sync process. Logs give you both the success and failure results along with a message for the reason of failure.

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