Keep your CRM clean to boost Sales Team Productivity

April 11, 2016

Find and Merge duplicates in Vtiger CRM
A customer relationship management (CRM) system has become indispensable for the Sales automation. Often leads gets generated in different forms and get added into the CRM for the further follow-up.  Since the data addition is not a linear process, there is a possibility of same lead getting added multiple times.

The Problem:

  1. Duplicates allow assigning the same lead to multiple salesmen causing redundant work and productivity loss to the organization.
  2. Data loss problem arise due to Salesman updating the different record of same lead at different instance.

It is better to keep the data clean for getting work done in a smart way. Smart Vtiger Duplicate Merger has the flexibility to define rules to get the duplicate merged and removed. It can be automated to  process the data and eliminate duplicates. Deploying the module in your Vtiger CRM will help you keep your data trusted, consistent, accurate and duplicate free.

Set up duplicate detection rules

The same name Collin Wood in sales line can result in two salesmen trying to win same lead. Smart Vtiger Duplicate Merger will detect such records with exactly same first name and last name as duplicates. The process will be automated with cron and it periodically cleans the CRM databases. The field to match the duplicate records can be defined uniquely for all the Vtiger CRM modules.

Find duplicates in Vtiger CRM

Add fields to merge

All the fields of the duplicate records need not be necessarily identical. Records detected as the duplicate has the same first name and last name, but it also has one record containing the phone number and email not found in the other. Smart Vtiger Duplicate Merger will merge this non-overlapping data to the existing record and prevents important data from being lost. The fields to be merged can be defined uniquely for all the Vtiger modules.

Merge duplicates in Vtiger CRM

Productivity can be improved not only by working harder but can also be improved by working smarter ( removing unnecessary work you do ). It saves significant time and money when compared with the  labor-intensive and error-prone method of manual cleansing.

You can write to [email protected] for any support regarding the product. We will be happy to hear your feedback and add the necessary features and do customization for you.