Introducing Vtiger Notify Plus: The Best Way to Get Instant Notification in Vtiger CRM

Introducing vtiger crm notify plus

Have you needed help reminding project deadlines in your busy schedules?

Have you forgotten and missed important events often?

Put a full stop to your worry. Stay calm and Smart. How?

Here is a good day for you. We are so glad to release our new and excellent product, Vtiger Notify Plus.

Vtiger Notify Plus is an extension that allows the user to trigger any type of notification/alert using a standard Workflow.

This Vtiger Notify Plus acts like your personal assistant and reminds you of all your work-related activities at the exact time. Now you don’t need to miss any deadlines.

Whether you have important meetings or to remind your project deadlines, you need to do one simple thing. That is just create a workflow based on your task to trigger a notification.

Workflow Based Notifications

Workflow is generally created to simplify your task and saves more time in the case of repetitive tasks. If your work is flowing in a particular order then you don’t need to do the same task repetitively. You simply create a workflow and the workflow does the job for you.

For example:

If you want to know whenever a contact is created in your CRM. Then It is not possible to check the contact modules often in busy schedules. And it is a waste of time and effort too. To be smart, create a workflow on contact creation. And that’s it. Now on every contact creation, you will be notified with a notification that holds the message of your workflow.

Vtiger Notify Plus- It benefits whom?

This extension benefits all the employees and employers in the organization who are using CRM.

If you are a project manager, then your job is to track the status of your work and your’s colleague’s work. It is hard to look up your pending task, task assignment, and status confirmation by your colleagues. Vtiger Notify Plus vanishes all the troubles you are facing in tracking your tasks. It alerts and notifies you whenever the task is assigned to you or whenever the task is updated.

If you are a Sales Manager and you want to track any particular deal’s progression along with the sales pipeline. Then it is hard to check the status of the deal every minute. With the simple and standard workflow, Vtiger Notify Plus notifies you instantly when a deal status has changed.

Is this Extension only for Managers? No. As we said earlier, this extension benefits all the users of CRM irrespective of their positions.

If you are a Sales Representative, and your job is to immediately respond to your client’s queries. Then it is not a practical solution to monitor the inbox frequently. Vtiger Notify Plus removes all the hurdles in this task by sending an instant notification on every client email. The notification alerts you as soon as you receive an email. Then you can further respond to your clients immediately and impress them with your promptness.

Now you have a clear idea about the Vtiger Notify Plus. Right? To know more about the extraordinary features of this extension? Keep on reading.

Best features of Vtiger Notify Plus

Here are some excellent features of Vtiger Notify Plus

1. User-Friendly UI

  • This amazing extension has an easy-to-access and User-friendly User Interface.
  • Any CRM user without knowing much about the extension can also easy to access the extension with its Use-friendly UI.
  • To access the extension just navigate to the Main menu>>TOOLS>> Notify Plus.
  • To access your notification, simply navigate to the Bell icon at top of your page. It also represents the counts of the notification. That is how many notifications you have received.

2. Easy to create a Standard Workflow

  • Any CRM user can easily create a workflow by a simple +New Workflow option
  • Creating a Workflow is not a tedious process. You just need to provide the appropriate Workflow name, triggered time interval, Workflow condition and Workflow actions.
  • You can also able to select to whom the notification is to be sent. ( for the creator or owner or by whom the record was last modified)
  • Whenever the workflow conditions are met, it will trigger the notification to the appropriate send to option.

3. Easy snooze option

  • If you want to view the notifications for later? Then there is the snooze option. You can simply snooze the notification to view it later.
  • Additionally, you can select, how long you postponed the notification to alert later. If you snooze the notification for 5 minutes, then the notification will remind you after 5 minutes

4. Easy Mark as Read and delete option

  • With Vtiger Notify Plus you can easily set your notifications to Mark as read and delete instantly. This will avoid confusion among read and unread notifications
  • You can make up to 50 Notifications to mark as read and delete at a time

5. Easy to enable the Global notification settings.

  • This Global Notification settings allows the user to trigger Notification for all the modules instantly.
  • You can easy enable or diable the checkbox on the respective module to trigger the notification.
  • This extension is flexible with the User’s requirements.

6. Easy access to Notification log history

  • Easy to view the complete detail of all the notifications on a single page of the Notification Log history.
  • Grasp all the details of the notification on a Single Page
  • Content on the Notification log history briefly explains what the notification is for. That is it displays the Workflow message.

Final Thought

Save your precious hours and effort by eliminating the manual checks and tracking. Set a workflow and trigger a notification for your employees deals, invoices etc. Efficiently monitor your team’s progress by getting instant notification of every updates. Stay up-to- date with all your deadlines, followups and meetings effortlessly. Instant and immediate actions at the right time make you to stay ahead of the curves.

Stay cool and Work Smart with Vtiger Notify Plus. Let you don’t miss crucial information anymore.