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Introducing the all-new SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration

Year after year, your contact library grows immensely along with your business. It is possible that your contacts may be scattered across different channels like Email, CRM, Helpdesk, etc. Efficiently organizing and managing all these contact information is an integral part of your business. Without a proper contact management process, we need to spend our valuable time in searching the contacts across channels and may tend to lose our important contacts.

To unravel this, we’ve created SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration, the all-new integration tool to connect your Google Contacts with SuiteCRM to efficiently organize all your contact information in one place.


Let’s take a dive into what SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration brings for you:

All contacts in one place

No more hassle of checking different location to know about a single contact. Efficiently organize all your contacts in one place. SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration to get all your Google Contacts to SuiteCRM and vice-versa. Connect with your preferred Google account, bidirectionally synchronize and easily maintain your contacts information up-to-date.

Let the tool work for you

In today’s digital world, why we need to do manual labor when it can be offloaded to a machine. Make SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration to work for you. You can run the synchronization process automatically with available two options like On Save Sync or Scheduled Sync process.

  • On Save – Add data in one, while you save here it will automatically be updated on other.
  • Scheduled – To run the synchronization process based on your Cron time.

Take control of the sync process

Whether you use the on save sync or scheduled sync, take complete control over your synchronization process. SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration allows you to Enable/Disable the synchronization process to run both manually and automatically.

Keep track of the process

Get to know about your complete synchronization process with Logs in your SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration.

To learn more, read our detailed SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration User Guide. Have any questions? Do write to us at [email protected] or leave your comments below.

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