Introducing the new Vtiger Leave Management – Ease your employee time-off Management

March 12, 2018

Leave management holds one of the most important & critical place in the HR process of any organization. While it may sound simple, managing all your employee leave would be tiresome and cumbersome for HR Managers, as it directly involved in the payroll process.

Traditionally, all your employee leave needs to be tracked on a daily basis which involves monitoring your employee’s attendance, check and mark the absence of employees. In case of absence, we need to process the leave information and to make sure the employee’s adherence to the organization leave policy. Keeping track of this information manually can be a daunting and tedious task. Switching to the Leave Management system is definitely has a place of honor in its own way. Say hello to Leave Management for Vtiger – It eases the leave management process more simpler and faster for HR Managers.

Vtiger Leave Management

Your complete employee information in one place

Employees are the key entities of any organization. Keeping track of each and every employee info can be daunting. With Vtiger Leave management, you can easily keep track of all your employee info in one place. You can easily add and maintain all your employee info effortlessly.

Customizable employee leave

With Vtiger Leave Management, you easily plan and process all your employee leave without much effort. Easy to categorize your employee leave based on your organizational standards.  You can define your own leave types like Casual, Sick, Maternity and more, each with its own entitlements.

Define your Organizational holiday list

Prepare and share your own holiday list for your employees. Define the common holidays for your employees and recursively use the same list for all the years. Share the calendar with your employees & keep them informed via email.

View and Apply leave online

Empower your employees by giving them access to apply for leave with an individual login for all your employees. Convert your Employees as users and allow them to view holiday list, apply leave and more.

Take a spin right now! And tell us your thoughts and feedback in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]