Introducing the new SuiteCRM MailChimp – To lift up your sales process in the top gear

August 21, 2017

We’re happy to announce the release of our new SuiteCRM MailChimp, an integration tool to efficiently synchronize the data between your email marketing tool MailChimp and SuiteCRM. You can now bidirectionally synchronize your Campaigns, Leads, Contacts and more between MailChimp and SuiteCRM to equip your sales and marketing team with finer details about your Prospect or Customer.


Track your campaign success rate

As a marketer, your job doesn’t stops by sending a number of marketing campaigns to customers. You need to keep track of those campaigns, to know the success rate and to strengthen the impact of your campaign. Now you can easily get to know the complete reports about your campaign within the SuiteCRM. Use SuiteCRM and MailChimp Integration to get your campaign open rates, click rates and more inside your SuiteCRM.

Give your teams the holistic picture

By integrating your email marketing tool Mailchimp and SuiteCRM, your teams can have a real-time insight into customer behaviour. The more intuitive dashboard brings in all your MailChimp campaign activities inside SuiteCRM. You can easily know your customers interest and involvements in product campaigns and thereby allows your team to efficiently follow up Leads and help them to send well targeted email campaigns.

Bring your sales & marketing team together

With the right tools and strategy in the right place, your sales and marketing team can collaborate effortlessly and can close deals at the faster rate. By having a better insight into each team’s interaction with customers, your sales and marketing can work in top gear in generating qualified Leads and efficient Lead follow ups, resulting in smoother and faster sales cycle.

To know more about SuiteCRM MailChimp, kindly write to us at [email protected] or kindly leave us a comment below.