Introducing new SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration to stay on top of your schedules

Ever experienced a scenario of missing out any of your important events say, a client meeting or a special family occasion or anything similar?

Probably, we all had such an experience at least once in our lives. But this may happen more frequently when you’re part of the sales team.

Being an outbound sales rep, you may travel to different places for client meetings or demo’s as a daily chore. And you may need to access your calendar to track your schedules anywhere. By the time one can’t make sure that all the activities organized in one calendar. It’s possible to use at least two calendars (CRM Calendar and Google Calendar). Checking two or more calendars while you’re on the move is too frustrating and also increases the chance to overlook some of your important events, right?

We solved it.

Meet our SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration, to get all your SuiteCRM events updated in your Google Calendar and the other way around. So no more hassle of checking different calendars to know about your schedules.


Stop juggling between multiple calendars

Connect your SuiteCRM Calendar and Google Calendar with SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration. You can bring all your Google Calendar events to SuiteCRM and send your SuiteCRM Calendar events to Google Calendar in no time. So you no longer need to switch between multiple tabs, get to know about all your schedules from one place either in your SuiteCRM Calendar or Google Calendar.

Never miss an appointment

Now organizing your events across two locations is made easier & faster than ever. Just add an event in one location and get automatically mirrored on the other. For eg: Consider adding a new event in your Google Calendar. While you save the event in your Google Calendar, SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration brilliantly detects and automatically add the same information to your SuiteCRM Calendar.

Sync all your existing events

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration is not only for efficiently organizing your future events you can also synchronize all existing events in a single click. But not all your existing events are essential, you may want to sync only past 1 or 2 month or year events alone. We resolved this by offering a specific date based filter, to synchronize the events from your preferred date & time.

Know your synchronization process

Keep track of your synchronization process with real-time logs. It offers success and failure messages for efficient analyzation in case of synchronization failures.

What’s next

We hope that you enjoy the new SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration. Do write us your queries and thoughts to [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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