Introducing the new G – Apps Integration for SuiteCRM – Connect your SuiteCRM with Google Contacts & Calendar

March 19, 2018

“Sales Follow Ups” – Efficient sales follow up is an important aspect of closing a deal. Typically sales process involves a series of sales follow-ups and takes place over a period of time. Many sales stats, states that 80% sales are made after 5 to 12 follow-ups. As well in today’s B2B and B2C sectors, it’s unrealistic for salespeople to close the important deal in a single conversation. So, why aren’t salespeople making the necessary touch points in order to close a deal? Let’s discuss…

On any given day, every salesperson may handle a no. of deals, so definitely no. of follow-ups, no. of calendars to remind the important events, maintaining all their customer info and more. When all these information are scattered on different sources, this may create a yet another source of distraction for your sales reps. So, it’s possible to lose sight on some of the important deals and thereby lose sales. No Worries! Here is the solution.

Say hello to G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, 3-in-1 Suite to help your salespeople to do  more. It lets you connect your Google Calendar and Google Contacts with SuiteCRM. And it also helps your sales reps to enter the accurate customer address information within your SuiteCRM. Now you can maintain all your information in one place and never let your important deals to fall through cracks.

G-Apps Integration with SuiteCRM

Sync Google Calendar Events to SuiteCRM

Never miss out any of your important events to fall through cracks by maintaining all your events in one place. You can all your events sync between your Google Calendar and SuiteCRM in a just a single click. With G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, you can automatically run the sync at regular intervals based on CRON time. Get the complete information about your sync success and failure in a single unified window.

Autocomplete SuiteCRM Address fields

Give your salesman the ability to enter all your customer address information without any typo error. It works with Google Place API, to provide you with a fully verified, type ahead, location-based suggestions. It auto-populates the address fields of SuiteCRM modules like Leads, Contacts, Invoice, Accounts & Quotes.

Google Contacts inside SuiteCRM

Efficiently organize all your customer events in one place with G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM. It helps you to sync your contact information between Google Contacts and SuiteCRM bidirectionally. With G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, you can easily make changes either in your SuiteCRM or Google Contacts and the changes are automatically get mirrored on the other.

New to G-Apps Integration with Suite Integration! Go ahead and give it a try and let us know your feedback at [email protected] or please leave your comments below.