Introducing Email Plus for better Sales Productivity

February 1, 2017

Email is one of the easiest way of communicating with your clients around the globe irrespective of the time zone. At the same time, managing the email is crucial for both your sales and support team with lots of emails bumping in each day.

Well, Lucky for you!

Today, we are announcing a great tool Email Plus to manage your emails efficiently within your Vtiger CRM. Email Plus, a webmail client completely integrates your email client inside your CRM.

Roundcube integration in CRM

Efficiently Organize your Emails

Email Plus enables you to store your messages and conversation in a hierarchical tree structure using sub-folders. You can easily drag & drop to efficiently manage the messages in a specified folder. Arranging emails in an intuitive way helps you to quickly access and sort through all related information.

Convert Recipients as Lead/Contact

Now your salesman can easily generate more Leads and Contacts directly from their email address book. The address book in Email Plus lets you to collect and store any type of information about the Leads. With more volume of information, your salesman can easily increase the probability of sales conversion rate.

Send Personalized Emails

Email Plus allows your salesman and each CRM users to communicate with their Leads/Contacts with their own identity or any choice of FROM email address. You can configure multiple SMTP and send more personal emails from your Vtiger CRM. With the flexible nature of the module, you can compose your emails with richtext or HTML in the way your Leads/Contacts prefer.

Email Plus lets you can do better message management and email marketing. To see it for yourself, you can take a test drive in our live demo instance. If you need any help, please do mail us at [email protected]