Introducing Bonny – A new theme for your eCommerce website

June 8, 2018

Just imagine this: You’re looking for a brand new car. What will you choose now? Either start building your own car from scratch or just get a fully functional prebuilt car. Definitely, everyone’s choice will be the second one, as building our own car is simply not possible. Initially, we will choose one of the best cars available in the market and alter it with our own choice of color and auto parts.


Your website theme is exactly like the car. For many, it is hard to build their own website. Of Course, you do have options like paying developers or freelancers to do this for you. But the cost associated with these works, make this out of reach for many start-ups and small business owners. By the time, a prebuilt theme will definitely help you!

So, this is what our new announcement is about. FREE WooCommerce theme Bonny, to easily build your own eCommerce website without writing a single line of code. Let’s roll to get to know more about it.

How does it work?

Download the Bonny theme and install it on your WordPress website. Use the below link to get your theme.

Download Your Bonny Theme

Once done, go ahead and activate the theme to make it live.

What do you get from Bonny?

Pre-built sections

Even if you’ve your site content made ready, presenting it in the right way can be challenging. With this in mind, we provide a new predefined layout that helps you showcase your content brilliantly.

Dynamic background

With Bonny, you can add videos and images to your website page background. This offers your website visitors visually engaging and impressive browsing experience.

Tons of font choice

Everyone has a unique way of styling and presenting the content. To make your content a visually appealing one, Bonny gives access to tons of google fonts. You can choose your font style and size to present your content.

Add tracking to your website

Website analytics and tracking are vital to your success. By this, you can easily get to know how well your users are engaged with your website and content. With the option to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website, you can gain better insight into your visitors.

Easy to categorize your website pages

Define your own navigation menu for your visitors. Easy to add, remove or reorder menu with a built-in menu editor.

Grab your theme now! And let us know how it works for you in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!