Increase Sales efficiency with Clean data : Introducing SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger

September 16, 2017

Today, We’re happy to announce our next new product for SuiteCRM that we have been working on – SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger. To keep your CRM more clean and free from duplicates.


Have you ever questioned anyone who’s working in CRM system or marketing automation or sales platform about their highest pain point. Probably, you get the same answer “The Duplicates”. This might not sound like a most pressing challenge but it is one, that have a lasting impact not only on for the organisation, but on it’s reputation too. A research by Experian Data Quality shows that inaccurate data has a direct impact on 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of it’s revenue due to bad data.

The Problem

When most marketers are striving to improve the efficiency and performance of the campaigns, by the time duplicate records may create some issues. Let’s consider a situation to see how duplicate records can harm your business. Your CRM consist of some amount duplicates, then there exist a possibility of assigning the same Lead to multiple sales reps or sending same email campaign multiple times to the same customer. Now it creates a way for losing your existing and even potential customers.

What’s the Cause?

Data Duplicates may come inside your CRM in different ways,

Human errors – As humans, we all are prone to errors. This is the same case with your employees, and it’s impossible that all your employees enter the correct and accurate information every time.

Bulk Import – You’re having a customer information in your CRM and adding the same customer during import too may cause duplicates.

Customer volunteerism – A customer may volunteer their information to your company twice. When your existing customer contacts your Sales team for the new product purchase, then your sale rep may enter the information as Lead when their info is already in the Contact List.

So to save you from all these issues, we have introduced SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger. You can deal with it in two ways. You can either prevent it before it is created or you’re already done with it, you can eliminate it.

What’s the remedy?


SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger uses “Unique Fields” to detect duplicates. You can choose any number of fields as unique fields. The Merger will detects the similar information in the CRM that matches the unique fields and an alter pops out to notify you that a duplicate is created. This helps you to make sure that duplicates are not generated.


If duplicates are already in your CRM, Duplicate Merger provides you a better option to merge all your duplicate records info with the primary record so that your customer information never fall through cracks. An automated process run at the background based on cron entry and merge all the duplicate records without any manual intervention.

Try out SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger right way! and share your feedbacks as comments below or write to us at [email protected]