Increase your Productivity with Easy Document Collaboration

“Productivity of Salesman Depends on the tool”. Document module in CRM is of great use to the sales team in their daily flow of work. The document stores the information shared by the customer. Via email and the information linked with any CRM records. With the detailed information about the products and the customer requirement. Your salesman can boost the sales. In this article, you will know to Increase your Productivity with Easy Document Collaboration.

 However the Vtiger mobile API has limitations. PocketCRM for Vtiger has pushed the limitations. In order to bring in the support for Documents. Now you can share all your documents and audio files. In order to view, download and collaborate with your team from any of your Android hand devices.

Vtiger Mobile app for documents module
Find & Share Documents:

Your salesman can easily find the latest documents. And updated with key marketing informations. They can download the documents to a defined path or any supported third party file sharing integration. When your customer shares a document or if you have any new document available. Then you can upload it from your mobile device.

Send Files as email Attachments:

When you send an email, you can easily attach files from the central document library. There is no need of digging into your previous mails or conversation. You can spend less time searching and be more productive.

Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and more:

With limited storage memory, PocketCRM for Vtiger extends to unlimited storage. By saving your documents in Google Drive, Dropbox. Also by saving the most common file sharing integrations. You can also upload and share files from any of the file sharing integration to Vtiger CRM.

Associate Files to Any Module:

You can save storage without uploading the same document twice. When the deal progress, you can relate the specific document with any record of other CRM modules for fast and easy access.

The mobile API module of your Vtiger Instance need to be updated with the enhanced API. Please download and install the enhanced Mobile API package on your Vtiger CRM server.

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We would be very happy to hear your feedback and to incorporate the same in the upcoming version. You can find the other features our blog and of the app in product page.

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