Include the payment gateway right inside your Invoice with Vtiger Payments

April 27, 2018

You’ve just finished one of your projects, and it’s time to bill your customer. As a usual way, you pull out your standard invoice template and add the necessary the project information and send it your customers. Once sent, you thought of getting paid quickly.

But what happens is you wait… And wait…


You’re designing the invoice with the goal to help you get paid. And it is the often the last point of contact with your customer. So it is essential to leave them a lasting impression.

Rather than giving them with a poorly designed, confusable and annoying invoice, why not send them a well-designed, easily navigable one? Which not only impress them, ultimately reduce the payment delays.

Here is our Vtiger Payments, lets you to attach the payment gateway right inside your invoice. Now your customers no longer need to get confused in searching for the payment ways. With Vtiger Payments you can easily place the PayPal Pay Now button in your invoice to help your customers to pay instantly. Not only Invoice, you can also add the same to your Quotes and Sales order.

How it Works?

  • The payment integration is configured with your PayPal email Account
  • You can Enable/ Disable the Payment Integration for any module
  • Just activate and configure the email, while sending Invoice or Quotes or Sales Order the PayPal Pay Now button will be automatically included in it.
  • Try now and lets us know what your think in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]