Improve Conversions and Increase Business Sales with SuiteCRM and MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is today’s most popular email marketing automation tool. Integrating it with a CRM software like SuiteCRM is pretty worthwhile which can offer a lot of benefits for businesses. As SuiteCRM is not quite convenient for creating attractive campaign designs but MailChimp lets you do that easily without any trouble. MailChimp has so many friendly features to create a campaign like drag and drop fields to design, advanced settings to modify default field settings, etc., In this article, we are going to discuss some prominent features of SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration.

Benefits of Integrating SuiteCRM and MailChimp

Before we get into the features of SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration, we need to know what are the benefits business gained by integrating SuiteCRM and MailChimp. SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration is a must-needed extension for any business to level up their business growth. By integrating these two different platforms, save your time from manual entering of data in both SuiteCRM and MailChimp, keep the sales and marketing team on the same page, and you can produce maximum benefits with the already existing data. It also makes your customers satisfied and employees engaged & boost up their productivity.

Subscribers & Lists sync

SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration does bidirectional data synchronization. With this integration, you can sync your MailChimp Subscribers’ information to SuiteCRM Leads or Contacts or Accounts and Vice Versa. The process starts with feeding data from SuiteCRM to MailChimp that helps to send campaigns to the audience. You can sync Mailing List along with Tags, Segments, Groups, Groupings, and Webhooks between SuiteCRM and MailChimp. It also lets you add subscribers, unsubscribe the subscriber, and remove subscribers from the Mailchimp list right inside the SuiteCRM.

Send Target Email Campaigns

You can send the Leads/Contacts data of SuiteCRM to MailChimp to run campaigns for the specific target audience. Grouping the customers under a specific category upon their interest is done using the Groups feature in MailChimp. Sync the results of the campaigns to SuiteCRM and analyze your customers’ behavior. Follow up your Leads with a tailored conversation and make them your active customers. You can view MailChimp Campaigns reports inside SuiteCRM that is useful for analyzing the Campaigns performance.

SuiteCRM MailChimp Extension Installation

The SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration extension is typically installed inside SuiteCRM. Follow the steps to install the extension inside your SuiteCRM:

  • Login to your SuiteCRM.
  • Visit Profile > Admin > Module Loader.
  • Start uploading the module by clicking the ‘Upload’ button.
  • Browse and open the extension.
  • Click Install.
  • The new page will show the module’s license agreement. Click ‘Allow’ and then select ‘Install’ to install the module in your SuiteCRM.

How to sync Lists and Campaigns

You can easily sync the Lists and Campaigns between SuiteCRM and MailChimp with few easy and simple configurations. SuiteCRM MailChimp extensions show logs for every sync, you can view that in the Logs section.

Sync Lists to SuiteCRM and MailChimp

Here we have explained the steps to sync data between SuiteCRM & MailChimp.

Sync MailChimp Lists to SuiteCRM

Let’s start by syncing the MailChimp Lists data to SuiteCRM. You can sync any lists to SuiteCRM upon your own desire.

  • In SuiteCRM, navigate to ‘All > MailChimp’.
  • In the dashboard section, scroll down to visit the MailChimp Audience area.
  • Select the List you want to sync to SuiteCRM.
  • Click ‘Get Audience from MailChimp’ to fetch the list data from MailChimp.
  • Move to the mapping section, then select the List from the dropdown to map.
  • Map the SuiteCRM Leads/Contacts/Accounts module fields with MailChimp fields and save the mapping by clicking save.
  • Visit the dashboard again and click the ‘Sync MailChimp Audience to CRM’.
  • Now the particular MailChimp List will be synced to your SuiteCRM.

Sync Lists from SuiteCRM to MailChimp

You can create a new list inside SuiteCRM and sync that to MailChimp. For that, navigate to the ‘Audience’ tab. Select the ‘Create MailChimp Audience’. Fill in the required fields and save the list. Once saved, select ‘Actions > Send Changes to MailChimp’ to sync the new List to MailChimp.

Sync Campaigns to SuiteCRM and MailChimp

Syncing your campaign’s details is also similar to the Lists synchronization.

Campaign sync to SuiteCRM

  • In the dashboard section, scroll down to locate the MailChimp Campaigns section.
  • Select the campaigns from the MailChimp Campaigns box and click ‘Get Campaigns from MailChimp’.
  • Go to Mapping, select campaign from the dropdown, and start mapping.
  • Once done save it.
  • Again visit the dashboard, now click ‘Sync MailChimp Campaigns to CRM’.
  • The campaign details will be successfully synced to SuiteCRM.

Send Campaigns to MailChimp

You can also send the SuiteCRM Campaigns to MailChimp whenever you need them in one click.

  • In the Campaigns module of SuiteCRM, select the campaigns from the list view.
  • In the detail view of Campaigns module record, Select ‘Actions > Send Campaigns to MailChimp’ to send the campaign details to MailChimp in a go.

To know more about how to set up and work with SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration, please refer to our documentation.

Wrapping Up

Combining your two different and efficient sales and marketing tools is easier now. This SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration is no doubt that it is an essential module for every business. Integrate your SuiteCRM and MailChimp now and sync data bidirectionally. Reduce your salesmen’s automation work, make them more productive and thereby increase your business growth and employee retention. Have any queries, write to us at [email protected]. We are happy to help you.

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