Importing Images into NextGEN Gallery made easy with WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Seeking an easy way to import images into NextGEN Gallery from external as well as an internal source? Here, you got a solution. WP Ultimate CSV Importer has expanded the portal for NextGEN Gallery users to upload bulk images in WordPress. A plugin that transforms your offline data into WordPress post/custom post/pages data by using CSV file import feature.

Importing Images into NextGEN gallery with WP ultimate CSV Importer

What is NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin that allows you to upload, share, and add photos to your website or blog. Managing galleries were made easy and simple, but effective enough for the most challenging photographers, visual artists, and imagery professionals. The basic features include two gallery display types and two album styles. You can, however, switch to the Plus or Pro plans at any time.

Why to choose WP Ultimate CSV Importer for NextGEN Gallery

By using WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can upload 

  • Publicly accessible external images

  • Internally stored WordPress media images

  • Images available in the local desktop in zip format

Everytime it is not possible to download each image from the web and upload it in the gallery. To make your work easier and to save your time, WP Ultimate CSV Importer helps in uploading all the images through CSV and XML files. Larger number of images can be uploaded at the same time.

How to upload the images in NextGEN Gallery

You have to set your content in CSV file, and you can initiate to upload the file from the desktop as well as using other methods.


Once it is uploaded, you have to choose the importing type as ngg_pictures. Mapping is used to land your data to the exact location on your website. Mapping will be done automatically for relating the wp-fields with the CSV header fields. Otherwise, you have to manually choose the corresponding field from the drop-down menu.

Mapping the wp-fields with CSV Header Fields

Featured Image Media Handling

To download external images in your WP media, Featured Image Handling is used. You can configure this by enabling the ‘Download external images to your media’ button. Feature Image handling option allows you to assign new and existing media gallery images for new post/page/custom post/products import.

Assigning new and existing media gallery images for a new post

To make sure the images are imported successfully, go forth to the gallery tab, and verify the uploaded image. How simple your work has become!

In the same way, you can also upload the images with posts in WordPress. By doing so, your images will be added to the gallery as well as related to the posts.

Ending words

If you want to work it by yourself and give a try, you can use the trial version of the product in the WP Ultimate CSV Importer page. Kindly share your experience and please leave your feedback as comments or you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

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