An All-important Product to Boost Up your Business Efficiency is Vtiger CRM

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  • An All-important Product to Boost Up your Business Efficiency is Vtiger CRM

Vtiger Open source CRM is an essential Customer Relationship Management system. It helps businesses and organizations to administer and maintain their competence. Most importantly, it contains strategies, techniques, and tracking facilities. Additionally, it contains interacting and developing factors for an organization. Vtiger CRM is an all-important product to boost up your business efficiency.

Vtiger helps various teams of your business. In other words, supports a business to run in a possible way. Meanwhile, it comforts the top-level managers to oversee the performance. To clarify, they can watch every single person in the company. Vtiger CRM contains many excellent features and inventive functionalities. Most importantly, it automates many duties in less time. Likewise, it maintains every single task perfectly without much effort.​

Why use Vtiger CRM?

A business with marketing, sales, support, and services needs a specific system. The common factors for any organization to compete with competitors are:

These are the situations during which most businesses realize the need for a CRM. Certainly, it makes the business processes easy without any high-end tedious procedures.

What are the Benefits of Vtiger CRM?

Vtiger CRM contains a wide range of valuable benefits. However, some of them are listed here:

In short, the results of using Vtiger CRM are good ROI, improved sales, and high productivity. Above all, great customer satisfaction and retention are the major advantages.

What is Vtiger Extension?

Vtiger marketplace launched during the release of Vtiger version 6. It includes various featured extensions. Many free and paid CRM extensions are available in the Vtiger extension store . Extensions are available under the general and language packs category. Moreover, they are available for the users to add new features to their CRM. Most importantly, it easily creates a user-friendly CRM experience. Also, it helps to personalize your business functionality. Therefore, you can use Vtiger CRM for your own business convenience. Meanwhile, many helpful extensions are available at your fingertips.

Vtiger extensions checks for duplicate entry. Similarly, pdf maker, google calendar synchronization, QuickBooks extensions are also available. Further, smart duplicate merger, address lookup, Mailchimp, and payment extensions are most popular. Consequently, these extensions meet user requirements. To clarify, it provides better solutions for every part of the business.

Difference Between Vtiger Extension vs Plugin

Following are the major differences between the Extension and Plugin of Vtiger CRM.



Vtiger Installation Step by Step Explanation

Vtiger CRM installation involves a specific prerequisite configuration setup. In addition, such configuration is required to develop active internet web pages. The set of programs helps the user to use the CRM. Use CRM without any security configuration conflicts with local optimization. It is more applicable rather than using it as a production server. First, the user can download a single program and follow further installation steps. Then, run the web development server quickly without any problem. Besides, the set of programs varies according to the user’s operating system. For example, MAMP configuration is required for Mac operating system users. The file attachments will need 4 GB RAM with 250 GB disk space as hardware requirements.

Requirements to Install Vtiger

The set of programs required for using the Vtiger CRM are:

 DYNAMIC WEB PAGES: Sometimes users find it difficult to install the CRM software. Furthermore, integrating various components for development is also complicated. Then, testing applications or internet web pages are complex. Therefore, developing dynamic web pages is a needed solution. Simply develop dynamic web pages using any of the above configurations.x

How to Install Vtiger?

The installation procedure requires a sequence of setup and configuration settings. The steps include downloading the CRM first and extracting files. Then, pasting into Server location and giving edit access to the owner, etc,.

Follow the below steps for Installation

Rectify any configuration errors by making a few changes in the file. Then choose the required modules you need for your business. Afterward, start using the open-source CRM Vtiger.​

What are Modules?

Modules are the main practical units of any open source CRM. It enables businesses to use and customize the tool. Moreover, it allows building the software according to their requirements. Meanwhile, you can use modules with the same or different databases. The most commonly used modules are sales, marketing, services, and management. In fact, every module contains a specific version, controller, estimation, and database. Furthermore, it also consists of more resources to create the user interface. Entity or Extension modules are the categories managed in a CRM based on data of the module. Truly, modules manage the entire lifecycle of a particular division of a business.

Most Commonly used Modules

Migration is the process of switching to a new CRM system from an existing CRM. Meanwhile, replicating applications seamlessly by exporting and importing your existing database. Most importantly, companies migrate from one CRM to another to get additional features. Thus making their business, an easily manageable process. Besides, business requirements evolve constantly and revamp endlessly. In addition, it drives to look up for new and more practical functionalities. Indeed, many businesses migrate to other CRM for regulating their budget. In addition, the migration process often gets a discount and is sometimes given for free.

Follow the below Steps for the Migration Process

Migration is simple by giving ‘write’ permission to the apache process owner. However, PHP configuration must not limit the execution of migration scripts. Beyond, it consumes memory and time. Indeed, configuring appropriate error_reporting configuration avoids clogging of log files. Also, review the tables especially, InnoDB has the existing table Engine type. However, check it, except for the _seq sequential tables.

How to Upgrade to Vtiger CRM?

The upgrade is a process of replacing the existing version with a newer and latest version of the same CRM. In fact, companies upgrade to the latest CRM version to avail new features. As well as to rectify any bugs in the existing version.

The existing CRM may work well for everyone. Moreover, it may not create any errors for users. In contrast, business needs constant advancement. As a result, CRM developers come up with the latest features. That is to say that they retain their users with more features. This upgrade process never requires any additional tools for updating the version. Whereas testing and verification are the most essential part. Thus, check the installation and configuration guide for a smooth upgrade process. Remember to upgrade your CRM version in a laddered method. This avoids any troubles that occur by jumping among versions.

Why Need To Use IonCube loader?

The IonCube Loader is a free PHP extension . It manages the run time encoding of reading and execution of files. Those files were already protected. And, it handles encrypted files using on-the-fly patching of compiled code techniques. In memory, it gets back the running of older file compatibility on newer PHP versions. This extension also monitors and blocks accidental PHP codes. Furthermore, it blocks codes that got exploited due to software vulnerabilities before execution. Ion cube loader is a widely used extension. Get to know about how to install ionCube Loader from here. Equally important, it prevents your source code from unauthorized access. And also speeds up the performance of a web page. Other than security, it is most popular for reduced storage space. Moreover, it is also known for maximizing accuracy rate and so on.

Wrap Up

Vtiger CRM is open-source software. It is available for all levels of businesses, entities, enterprises, and organizations. Besides, it manages and tracks multiple desk operations easily. Furthermore, it helps to simplify your day-to-day tasks and automate your follow-ups. Moreover, it enhances your business operations. Find out a wide range of Vtiger Integrations here. We are available for any type of Vtiger CRM customizations. We customize at an affordable rate if you want to personalize your CRM. If you have any doubts or inquiries. Write to us at [email protected]

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