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Importing NextGen Gallery images Just Got Amazing with WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Looking for a simple way to upload images from external source into NextGEN Gallery? You just found them! With all new compatibility for the NextGEN Gallery, WP Ultimate CSV Importer gives you a better way to import bunch of images along with your Posts.

NextGEN Gallery Images Import

Incredibly Easy to Get Started

Once you’ve your content in CSV or XML, you can upload the file and start your import.

First up, you’ll have a choice to import or update. You can choose Import to create the Post for the first time. If you are making changes in the existing file choose update.

NextGEN Gallery CSV Import

Simple Automated Mapping

Next comes the mapping to relate the XML or CSV fields with the corresponding WordPress and NextGEN Gallery fields. If the Header name and Field name exactly matches it automatically gets mapped. If not, choose the corresponding field from the drop down menu.

Once you are done, Give the mapping a name and save it as a template.

NextGEN Gallery Import

Success! Import your File Now

To set the NextGEN Gallery Image as featured image, check on the NextGEN Gallery support on Featured Image and then click on Next.

Once you’re done, click on Import. Now the import log is generated in real-time. Importing your image and and relating with the post made much more simple just in a single click.

NextGEN Gallery Import

Have a look at how it works!

How easy is that! Just upload, map and import the images wherever you want. Your images will be added to the Gallery and related to the Posts.

If you wanna try it for yourself take a free trial by clicking on Try Now button in WP Ultimate CSV Importer page.

We would love to hear how easily you made your image import with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Please leave your feedback as comments here or you can write to us at [email protected].

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