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Surfing for an easy and quick way to import and export WordPress Users? Now stop searching you have landed on the right blog. We will discuss here the finest way to import and export Users into/from your WordPress site.


Why Import and Export Users data

This may need for any reason. But most of them are for the below cases:

Export WordPress Users data to CSV

The reliable and effective way to export and import Users data is by using plugins. WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a great choice for exporting and importing data in WordPress. Just install and activate the plugin inside your dashboard to make it work.

You can export Users data in a matter of minutes. Switch to the Export tab and select the module ‘Users’. Provide a name for the export file and choose the type CSV. If you have more users data you can split and export the data. Check the ‘Split the Record’ option and provide a number. If you give the number 50, the first fifty users will be exported in the first CSV, the second fifty users will be exported in the second CSV, like that the split export will work.

With the advantage of advanced filters, you can export the users created in a specific period. Also, you can export specific user fields and their meta fields using this plugin. Hit on the Export button to get the Users data in the form of a CSV file. The export will complete and you will see a Download button on the screen. Use the download button to save the CSV file to your computer.

Importing Users CSV data with CSV Importer

Ultimate CSV Importer lets you import the exported CSV back to your website or you can prepare a new CSV. To know how to give values to User fields, check our documentation for WordPress Users Import.

Importing data is just as easy as exporting in CSV Importer. Begin with uploading the prepared CSV in the ‘Import/Update’ tab. Map all the CSV headers with WP fields. You can export the Users with billing and shipping information. CSV Importer also supports importing Users meta fields. Skip the media handling if you don’t import external images to WordPress. Finally, click Import to import Users CSV data into WordPress.

Make sure to check the import with the view logs button. Our CSV Importer Pro makes importing and exporting more convenient by providing scheduling options. You can learn more about the features on our WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro page.

More features in CSV Importer Pro

We don’t limit the plugin features. We want our plugin to meet the needs of more users with different requirements. The premium plugin is bundled with many fantastic features like scheduling import-export, compatible with popular plugins like custom fields plugin, multilingual plugins, E-Commerce plugins, SEO plugins, and more plugins.

We have a devoted team to support you with your journey in import-export using CSV Importer Pro Plugin. If you are interested to learn more about the plugin or you have any questions, let us know at [email protected]

Summing Up

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is an all-in-one solution for your Import Export process. We are expanding the plugin standard in every release to the best of our ability. We are striving to make it better and better every time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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