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When migrating your website content, it’s important to know that users data is just as significant as Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts data. Migrating all data is simply done using an Import/Export plugin such as WP Ultimate CSV Importer. This plugin can import and export your users/WooCommerce customers data along with their billing and shipping information. It can also let you update existing users’ data.

Using WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can easily manage the users information without manual entries. It offers a wide range of filters to export only the data you require. Adding to that, you can export and import users with metadata. To create meta fields in the users, you can use third-party add-ons like WP-Members, Members, Ultimate Member and ACF, Toolset, JetEngine, and more.

Is it significant to take a backup of your WordPress site?

Any reasons like hardware or software failure, human error, or server crashes may result in the loss of necessary site data. Taking a backup can protect you from such data loss and help you restore the site data quickly. So you wouldn’t lose your data. Using Ultimate CSV Importer you can take a safe backup of all your content including Posts, Pages, Comments, Categories, WooCommerce data, and more. Here in this blog, we’ll see the complete features of User export using the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

How to Export WordPress Users?

Exporting users data is indispensable if you’re about to migrate your site or need to take a backup of all your necessary data. You can export user information, their passwords, WooCommerce plugin-generated fields like billing/shipping information, and other data. Here we will see how to export users with the metadata using Ultimate CSV Importer.

select users from the export page in csv importer
export file download page

Exported CSV

How to Export Users with Metadata?

To begin with, let’s see why users should have custom fields. Custom fields are helpful to collect more information about website users. You can use third-party add-ons to create these additional fields.

If you have created metadata(custom fields) using plugins like ACF, JetEngine, Toolset, Metabox, etc., You can export users data along with its metadata using the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

We have the aforementioned export steps. To export specific users fields with metadata follow the below steps

The below picture shows the custom fields assigned for users that were created using ACF, Toolset Types, and MetaBox plugins.

mapping users core and custom fields

How to Export WooCommerce Customers along with Membership plugin information

In WordPress, the customer who visits and makes a purchase on your WooCommerce store will automatically become a User. This will include some additional fields in the users like Billing and Shipping Information. Ultimate CSV Importer will export all the User details along with Billing and Shipping information.

It also supports membership plugins like WP Member, Ultimate Member, and Members. For example, I have created meta fields using Ultimate Member, and WP Member plugins and assigned them to users. You can see that in the below screenshot.

To export WooCommerce customers with metadata follow the above steps explained to export the User with all the details. And if you want to export only some fields with WooCommerce User information, navigate to the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin >> click Exporter Tab. Select Users >> then click Continue.

Choose “Export Based on Specific Inclusion”. There you can see Billing and Shipping Information and Custom Fields of Membership plugins widgets. Click and select the fields you want to export.

users field export based on specific inclusion

Import WordPress Users using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Creating large numbers of users or updating existing users or adding new roles, etc manually sucks your time. Ultimate CSV Importer makes the process simple and easy with just a few clicks. You can import Customer Billing Shipping information and metadata using the plugin. Let’s see how to do it.

Click Import to finish the process.

You can verify the status in Admin View/Web View by clicking the “View Log” button.

How to Import Users with Metadata?

Follow the above steps to import the User. If you have to add additional columns in your CSV that are the meta fields. At the time of configuring import, in the mapping section, a new widget will appear for mapping custom fields so you have to map the CSV headers with WordPress fields.

As mentioned above, the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin supports meta fields created with plugins like JetEngine, ACF, toolset, Meta Box, etc., Know the compatible plugins listed here.

For instance, I created an ACF and Types fields and assigned them to the User. In the mapping section, new widgets with naming ACF Pro Fields and Types Custom Fields will appear. You can see that in the below screenshot.

acf pro fields and types custom fields widgets in mapping section of csv importer

How to Import WooCommerce Users and Membership plugin information

Not only exporting, but Ultimate CSV Importer also supports importing data into Membership plugins like WP Member, Ultimate Member, and Members plugins. Furthermore, you can import the WooCommerce Billing and Shipping Information of the User.

How does it work with Passwords?

In the plugin page, go to Settings >> General Settings >> Send password to user. Enable the “Send password to user” toggle to send passwords via email.

configure send password to user in general settings

To provide customized passwords to the users, prepare your CSV with the password assigned to users and import it. Otherwise, the plugin will automatically generate the password and share it with the users via email.

Note: To send passwords via email, make sure you have enabled and configured Easy WP SMTP in your WordPress.

How to update WordPress Users?

When you decide to update existing User data, begin to export the users data from your WordPress and make all necessary changes to the exported CSV file, and save it. Then import the file with our plugin.

Let’s explore how we can accomplish this using the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

Updating is just as same as importing, only a few steps will differ. 

Likewise, import, and upload the CSV file. Next to that, you have to select Existing Items and map all the fields required to update data.

Select a field from the ‘Update records based on’ dropdown in the Import section, to update existing records based on the selected User Email/ID/Login field. That’s all you need to do.

update records based on fields configuration

Tips for successful User Import and Export

Frequently Asked Questions for WordPress Users Import & Export

1. How do I export my WordPress users to another site?

To get started, install and activate the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin on your WordPress site. Go to the plugin’s Export tab and click on users. Provide a filename and choose a file type. Then click the Export button. After the file is exported, make changes to that file as needed and prepare it for re-import into your new website.


2. Can I export/import WordPress users with their passwords?

Yes, you can. Ultimate CSV Importer plugin exports users data along with their password. You can import users and their passwords, if the password fields are empty the plugin will send auto-generated passwords to the appropriate user email id.


3. I have a specific scenario where I have two user profiles with the same name. How can I change/update the record in this situation?

Yes. Even though the users have the same name they differ in their Email IDs. So you can easily update the users record based on Email ID.


4. Can I import Zip Code with user data?

Yes, it is possible to import Billing and Shipping Information(including Zip Codes) to the users module. Prepare the CSV, with all the details and import the data.


5. Is there a plugin for automated User Import and Export?

There are many plugins available to Import & Export users. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • WP Ultimate CSV Importer
  • WP All Import
  • User Meta Pro
  • Export User Data

When choosing a plugin do detailed research and select the best plugin that fits your needs.

We hope that this article is helpful to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any inquiries.

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