How to Import bbPress data into WordPress

In today’s competitive online world, it’s paramount for any business to keep their customers more engaging. Whether you maintain a blog or website, an interactive one is a way more exciting than the one where only the author speaks. Conversation among different people can interest the readers and gathers different viewpoints at one place.


Forums are the great way to achieve this. And there is plenty of open sources are readily made available online. However, if you’re running your website in WordPress, then it can be tedious to integrate a third party forum. The best solution is to have one that suits your WordPress site. bbPress lets you set up your own discussion forum right on your WordPress website.

So you’ve installed bbPress on your site. Now you can’t make it live as such you need to prepare set Forum topics to get your customers start the conversation initially. And if you’re dealing with multiple products, you need to create a separate forum and a set of topics for each and every product. But doing this manually can be tedious. Then how we can get all the data into WordPress site?

“Import” of all data in one go from any CSV with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Let’s have a look at how to import the bbPress data into WordPress. Install and activate the plugin, now navigate to Import/Update section to start your import! Just make sure that the CSV file is in the proper UTF-8 format.

Import of bbPress data

bbPress data import just includes 3 simple steps.


Initially upload your CSV file. CSV Importer offers you with 4 different methods to upload your CSV file.


Map the necessary fields to relate your CSV header fields with the appropriate WordPress fields. You can either use the Advanced Mode or Simple Drag & Drop.


Once done with all the changes, you can import all your data in just a single click.

Check out our Live Demo to learn more about WP Ultimate CSV Importer and write to us your feedback and thoughts to [email protected].

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