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Easily Import ACF Custom Fields into your WordPress Site

Import ACF Fields
Easily Import ACF Custom Fields into your WordPress site with Advanced Custom Field. Create your own custom fields for custom data management. The plugin takes full control of your edit screen. Automate importing the fields manually to make it much easier. You can also automate the assigning fields to Post, Page, Custom Post, Users, Products, etc.
Our customers and customers of ACF requested in various forums for integration. As a result, WP Ultimate CSV Importer is integrated with both Free and Pro versions of ACF. The plugin integration supports all the fields.

Repeater Field:

Automate repeating a section with the same set of subfields with ACF repeater fields. Automation of repeating a section inserts the data in each field type. If the inserted field type has multiple values, you can separate it. Just mention the value in comma(,) separation or pipeline(|) separation.

For Example:
If one of the field types is a checkbox and the field name is color. Then, you can have the header as color to automap and the value as blue, black, red or blue|black|red

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

Get Ultimate CSV/XML Importer to import data on WordPress faster, quicker and safer.

Taxonomy Field:

Create an ACF taxonomy field and assign it with the taxonomy values. The values can be a comma(,) or pipeline(|) separation. Create a new taxonomy, if the value of the taxonomy doesn’t exist then the new taxonomy and assign to the Post or Page.

Relationship Field:

Advanced linking links multiple Pages or Posts with other Post types. It can import related multiple post object data. You can mention the related Post or Page ID. Use the comma(,) separation with the field name as the header in your CSV file. It relates the CSV file with the created ACF field automatically.

Gallery Fields:

Now you can import your photos or gallery field images. Import from the WordPress media library or from the external image URL. You can specify the URL in comma(,) separation in your CSV with the field name as the header to automap the field. For the image in the media library, you can also specify the media ID.

The import is not only limited to the above mentioned fields. You can import & export all the fields of ACF free and PRO. Read our Product page and documentation to know more about WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer. You can also try our free trial, check out our live demo or download the community version. We are glad to help you. Write to us for any feature request and enhancements at [email protected]