How To Send Emails without a Spam Flag from Vtiger CRM?

Emails sent out of Vtiger CRM land in the spam folder of your customer from time to time. CRM users generally send emails to customers often to stay in touch. Send emails straight to the inbox without a spam flag with Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM extension . The emails create a powerful bond between the brand and customers when it's delivered. Emails skipping the inbox and delivered in the spam folder spoils the relationship.

Email Deliverability Rate Actually Matters

Email deliverability rate recognizes the effect of your email campaigns. The sender practices drafting with a customized subject line and valid email body. The status of email delivery evaluates the time and effort consumed for the campaign. The business considers the emails delivered in the junk folder as not delivered. Emails sent from Vtiger CRM delivered in the Spam folder declines deliverability rate.


A successful email campaign delivers emails straightaway into the recipient's Inbox. Email skipping the spam folder and hitting the inbox improves the deliverability rate. Increased email deliverability rate drives for an effective and successful email campaign. Delivering emails straight to the inbox of customers enhances the business reliability. A business using Vtiger CRM for sending emails to customers gets extensive benefits.

Why Do Emails Reach the Spam Folder?

Email recipients consider spam/junk emails as unwanted bulk messages. Marketing emails are largely sent to customers upon permission. Execution of email marketing campaigns needs a valid reason for sending out emails. The email recipient usually receives all general emails, newsletters, and sign-up services.

Reasons for Sending Emails from Vtiger CRM

Industries use Vtiger CRM to perform many tasks in an organized way including emails. The business sends emails to leads and contacts in different scenarios. Emails sent to leads to welcome, follow-ups for conversion, and special offers/discounts. Contacts get emails from Vtiger CRM for membership confirmation and order/delivery notifications.

Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM Send Emails Straight to the Inbox

The Vtiger CRM Mail Plus is easy to configure with a secured API key generation. It helps to communicate directly with customers without any delay. The extension allows sending emails with your signed-in sender identity. You can change your user details with a simple email address configuration.

Get to know how a simple configuration of Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM stops your spam filter when sending emails.

Stop sending your emails to the customer's junk folder while sending from Vtiger CRM. Mail Plus for VtigerCRM delivers the emails to the inbox without the spam label. The extension helps to maintain your email records with the status of delivery. Get your email logs to keep monitoring your email delivery status. It enables you to manage your email records with user id, the status of delivery, and email messages.

Wrap Up

Send emails to your customers easily without a spam mark from Vtiger CRM. Mail Plus for VtigerCRM delivers email in the inbox and maintains email logs. Reviewing your email records and configuring the sender's identity is simple. Feel free to contact us for any queries or customization at [email protected]

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