How to Manage Coupons in WooCommerce? – An Ultimate Guide

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how to manage woocommerce coupons

The best way to increase sales for your business is by offering exciting coupons to customers. If you’re using WordPress, then you might know about WooCommerce Plugin. WooCommerce helps you to build an online store in WordPress. WooCommerce provides many many features to build and maintain a complete eCommerce store. WooCommerce’s Coupons Management is one of the best features. You can create coupons for any specific products in your store to boost store sales and attain more revenue. The created coupons are useful for your store visitors or customers to buy your products at discounts. You can share the coupons with your existing customers and encourage them to buy more from your website.

The coupons are easily customizable to your needs. When creating coupons, you need to set the coupon expiration date, assign the coupon code for any particular product in your store, and configure a minimum or maximum cart total to be eligible for the discount. If you want to provide the coupon only for some specific customers you can do that simply by mentioning their email IDs.


Boost sales with WooCommerce Coupons

Here are some simple tips to increase your sales by providing coupons. 

  • Primarily mention the coupon offer on top of your website as a banner or create pop-up banners which may show after a few seconds the visitor landed on your website. 
  • Promote the coupons on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or any other platforms where your target audience spends time.
  • The coupons must be eye-catching and visible to the user.  It can be short to make it easy for them to apply at checkout. Make sure it creates some urgency to make them take action soon. Provide texts like ‘only for a limited time’ or mention the coupon expiry date. Create personalized coupons by adding the customer’s name or their business name. It makes your customers feel more special and also increases sales.

Now let’s see the steps to create WooCommerce coupons.

Steps to create a coupon with WooCommerce

1. Install WooCommerce in your WordPress instance and activate it. Once it is done make sure that Enable Coupons is checked under the General tab in WooCommerce Settings menu. If not, enable it and click Save Changes.

enable coupons option in woocommerce settings menu

2. Go to Marketing → Coupon → Add Coupon. Click Add Coupon to start creating a new one or hover and click edit of any one to change the existing coupon.

3. Enter your Coupon code. You can use the code to share it with your customers. The code must be unique. Add description for internal reference.

Code of your choice – Any alphanumeric code is valid and Coupons are case-insensitive.

Generate Code – By clicking this button WooCommerce will auto-create and generate code via algorithm.

Add new coupon in woocommerce

4. Next, let’s see the Coupon data widget. There are three sections within the widget: General, Usage restrictions, and Usage limits.


WooCommerce coupons offer three different discount types.

Discount typeDefinition
Percentage discountThe discount in percentage is applied to the total value in the cart.
Fixed product discountIt applies a fixed discount for each selected product in the cart.
Fixed Cart discountIt provides a fixed amount of discount to the total entire cart.

Coupon Amount – Upon choosing the discount type, enter the Coupon Amount you are going to offer. Enter the number and it will automatically add the percent sign or currency unit.

Allow free shipping – Enable free shipping to remove the cost of shipping when using a coupon.

Coupon expiry date – Select the date for the coupon to expire. An expiration usually occurs at 12 a.m. or 00 a.m. on the specified date. Note that the time will be calculated based on the time zone of your site.

Usage Restrictions

The Conditions are usually set here in this section for the coupon code applied. This section contains a set of 9 fields. Using these you can control the coupon you are generating.



Minimum spend

A coupon code is only valid if one spends the minimum amount set by the store owner on the product. The minimum amount includes subtotal + tax.

Maximum spend

To use a coupon code, you must spend a maximum amount set by the store owner.

Individual use only

The coupon can only be applied to a single item, and cannot be combined with other coupons.

Exclude sale items

Enable to exclude sale items from a WooCommerce coupon


Select the product to which you would like to offer a discount.

Exclude products

Select the product that you don’t want to offer any discount.

Product categories

You can give a discount on products from a certain category.

Exclude categories

This can be useful if you want to offer a discount on everything except products of a particular category.

Allowed Emails/Email restrictions

You can specify which email addresses are allowed to use the coupon. This is useful if you want to limit the use of a coupon to specific customers.

Usage Limits

With Usage limits, store owners can set limits to the coupon which is the total number of times the coupon can be used. This will ensure that the coupon cannot be overused. It is totally optional so that store owners can decide whether they need it or not.

Usage Limit per coupon: Set here how many times the coupon can be used before it becomes invalid.

Usage limit per user: It lets you set how many times a user can use the coupon.

Limit usage to X items:  Enter the maximum number of items for the coupon that may be applied.

Limitations of coupons

Even Though we have a lot of advantages in using coupons, there are some limitations. Using a coupon will definitely bring traffic to your store and boost your sales. However, it will reduce the margin amount of the product which means a lower amount in your account. In some cases, coupons can be misused, resulting in a reduction in revenue. Over Reliance on coupons can lead to a situation where customers only make purchases when there is an active coupon or promotion, which can hurt long-term sales and customer retention.

Ultimate CSV Importer with WooCommerce Coupons

Ultimate CSV Importer is a simple yet powerful plugin. Here is how the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin will help you to import/export WooCommerce Coupons data. You quickly import your WooCommerce coupons using a CSV/XML file. Just upload your file and map the header fields and click import to finish the process. Let’s see how to import WooCommerce Coupons data to WordPress site along with how to add the values to your CSV file to properly import WooCommerce Coupons.

Steps to import WooCommerce Coupons

  • Upload your CSV or XML file.
  • With the plugin, you can upload the file in three different formats. Upload from desktop or FTP/SFTP or URL. Upload the data in your Google sheets using the Upload from URL option.
  • Choose WooCommerce Coupons from the dropdown. Select “New Item” to import new coupons data and “Existing Item” to modify the old data.
choose woocommerce coupons post type in csv importer
  • Click Continue and the Mapping section will be displayed. If the headers in the CSV file are the same as the WordPress fields, they will be mapped automatically. If they don’t match, you can choose the corresponding field from the dropdown.

How to Add Values in your CSV/XML

WordPress Core Fields

  • Coupon Code – Provide the name of the coupon code in your CSV that can be applied at checkout to avail the discount.
  • Description  – Specify the description for the coupon.
  • Coupon date – Specify the coupon date to publish.
  • Coupon status –  Mention the status here. For example: publish.

Coupon Meta Fields

  • Discount Type – Mention any one coupon type. Percentage as Percent, Fixed cart discount as fixed_cart and Fixed Product Discount as fixed_product.
  • Coupon Amount – Specify the amount in numerical values.
  • Individual_use – Specify yes in your CSV to select it.
  • Product_ids – Specify the ID of the product for applying coupon. To mention multiple values use comma separator(,)
  • Exclude_product_ids – Specify the ID of the product to exclude from applying the coupon. Mention multiple values using a comma separator. 
  • Usage_limit,Usage_limit_per_user, limit_usage_to_x_items – Specifies the value in numerical form.
  • Expiry_date – Mention the date format in YYYY-MM-DD
  • Free_shipping – To enable this field mention yes.
  • Exclude_sale_items – Mention yes in your CSV/XML to enable this field
  • Product_categories, Exclude_product_categories – Mention the ID of the categories
  • Minimum_amount, Maximum_amount – Enter the amount in Numerical Value
  • Customer_email – Mention multiple email addresses using comma separator
Map WordPress core fields and coupon meta fields in csv importer

After mapping, all the fields save the mapping as a template to use this mapping later. For this, enter a template name in ‘Save this mapping as’ textbox provided in the bottom of the mapping section page. Click Continue and skip the Featured Image Media Handling section if you don’t want to upload any external url images. This section is enabled automatically. So you don’t need to worry about it.

And finally you will be landed in the Import Configuration Section. There are 4 different steps to import your data safely.

  • Enable safe prestate Rollback – Before proceed to import, check the box to take a safe backup of your old data. If any problem arises while importing, the previous version will be restored.
  • Do you want to SWITCH ON Maintenance mode while import? – Notifies the visitors that your website is under maintenance if the option is enabled.
  • Do you want to handle the duplicate on existing records? – Imports the data by truncating the duplicate records.

Do you want to schedule the import? – Configure to Import your data at your convenient time.

Now click the Import button and all your data will get imported.

import woocommerce coupons file in csv importer

Export WooCommerce Coupons with Ultimate CSV Importer

You can easily export the WooCommerce Coupons data. The plugin lets you export the data in different file formats such as CSV/XLS/XML/JSON. The advanced filter option is also available to export only the data that you want in your hand.

Steps to export WooCommerce Coupons

1. Click on the “Export” tab in Ultimate CSV Importer.

2. Select the “WooCommerce Coupons” module and move to the next step.

3. Give the export file name and select the type of file you want to export. The export option has a range of filtering options. That allows you to customize the export output. Here’s the list of filters available.

  • Export data with auto delimiters 
  • Export data for the specific period 
  • Export data based on specific Inclusions 
  • Do you want to Schedule this Export 

Check our documentation to know more about how to an apply export filter.

4. You can export your data now by clicking “Export”. On the next page, the export file will be prepared and ready to download. Click download and get your Coupons data file.

Import/export all WooCommerce coupons using the WP Ultimate CSV Importer Premium. Check out our Demo now to see how it works. Have any questions or need any assistance? Write to us now at [email protected]

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