How to import Woocommerce products in our WP csv importer

This tutorial describes how to use WooCommerce additional plugins in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 3.6.5. It also guides to import csv file and to perform mapping configuration by simple steps.


How to upload CSV

After enabling WooCommerce in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer, goto “Imports” menu and select “WooCommerce” module.

  • Activate WooCommerce addons plugin
  • You can upload csv file. You can directly upload the csv file from your computer. Click “Browse” button and select the csv file from your computer
  • Click “Next” button

How to perform Mapping

  • Our plugin provides all the wordpress attributes as wp fields for Woocommerce addons plugins
  • In mapping section, map the wp fields with csv headers

1. WooCommerce Chained Products

WooCommerce Chained product


2. WooCommerce Product Pre Orders

Woocommerce Product Pre Orders


3. WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

Woocommerce Products Add-ons


4. WooCommerce Product Retailers

Woocommerce Product Retailers


5. WooCommerce Warranty Request

Woocommerce Waranty Request


How to Import CSV

After perform mapping, go to “Settings and Performance” tab

  • If you want to detect the duplicate post content and title, enable the corresponding checkbox. If duplicate found, it can be skipped.

  • Provide number of import per server record. Example: 1, 2, 3, etc. If it is 2, it imports the record two times.

  • Provide the specific number of records to import from your file. Example: 3, 1-5, etc. If its 3, it import the third record from your file. If its 1-5, it imports first five record from your file.

CSV Import Options page

Now logs has been generated and your files are imported successfully. There is also a link to download the log.

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