How to import Orders, Refunds, and Coupons by WP CSV Importer Pro 4.2

It is just few clicks apart.

Importing Orders, Refunds and Coupons by CSV Importer plugin is very easy process.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

is a robust tool designed to help you make your website development easy. Through advanced features like update, schedule, drag & drop mapping, duplicate handling, export and much more included.

Your CSV file may contain multiple headers and some of the fields are important headers such as product_status,payment_method, Customer note, post_id and coupon_code. To create your own CSV file with headers or if you have any doubts with your existing CSV file, please refer sample CSV files, which provided by us.
In case you want to update the existing orders, refunds and coupons, your CSV file should contain the following fields such as ORDERID, REFUNDID and COUPONID vice versa. And also, it is important that these IDs should be existing posts to update.

Step 1: Upload your CSV file

There are four powerful options to upload your CSV file, which can make it simple your work.
i. Upload a file
ii. Upload using FTP.
iii. Upload from external link
iv. Choose file in the server

These are all very common option to all modules to upload CSV files and you can use it by the same way.

Step 2: Mapping

Our importer plugin provides auto mapping option, and you can see your fields are mapped here already and you can also map your fields by yourself if you want in any chance.

Eventually in this section, you can save the mapping template by enabling the checkbox, which is probably used to get the same mapping term in the future.

Step 3: Summay

It’s just a summary section to view your mappings again and please go ahead with the “Proceed Import” Button.

Step 4: Configure

import-configurationThis section is to configure your import process, By this way users can Schedule the import process, Detect duplicates post by content or by title and also can select the specific record to import.

Step 5: Import

By clicking “Import” button, Import process will start and you can monitor the import process by the log in this section. Then Please wait until you see the message “Import successfully completed!”.

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