How to guide : Premium WordPress vtiger secured Lead and contacts capture plugin

January 28, 2014


A easy plugin to integrate WordPress lead capture and contact form directly to vtiger crm. Wp-tiger-pro plugin helps to easily capture leads and contacts to vtiger crm from your wordpress through a contact form. You can change the field label, can change the position of the fields, show or hide the fields from wp admin interface itself. Short codes to generate contact form in page, post and as well as in widgets.

Current Plugin Version : 3.1.0

How to Install wp-tiger pro in wordpress.

Wp-tiger-pro is very easy to install like any other wordpress plugin. No need to edit or modify anything here in code.

1.    Unzip the file ‘’.

2.    Upload the ‘ wp-tiger-pro ‘ directory to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory using ftp client or upload and install through plugin install wizard in wp admin panel.

3.    Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

4.    After activating, you will see an option for ‘Wp tiger’ in the admin menu (left navigation).

Configuring wp-tiger-pro

  • Once the plugin is installed and activated, wp-tiger-pro menu should be visible in left column.
  • By clicking the wp tiger menu you can access the settings page as in screenshot01. (Refer Snap shot 01)
  • Enter your host address, Username, access key and application key details Host address is the path location to your vtiger crm. (Refer Snap shot 02)
  • You can get the access key from vtiger admin dashboard >> My Preferences >> User Advanced Options as in screenshot 03.  Eg. Z9mtMZzQ5eliTVqK  (Refer Snap shot 03)
  • For application key go to your in vtiger root
  • Search for application_unique_key

Eg. $application_unique_key = ‘d27f7a4e7c43f07bfbd377caf8c9b33a’;

  • If you enable captcha enter the public key and private key details.
  • To get a free account please visit and create one like in screenshot 05. (Refer Snap shot 05)
  • Save the settings
  • Once the settings are saved, you can go to Lead fields menu.
  • Initially you need click the sync crm fields button to retrieve all fields from vtiger crm. (Refer Snap shot 06 & 07)
  • You can see all the fields now, select the required fields and hit active selected to make it active.(Refer Snap shot 07)
  • You can also select and make inactive if needed (In screenshot no 1 & 2). By default all fields are active. (Refer Snap shot 08)
  • Those fields are mandatory in vtiger can’t be altered from wp admin.
  • Those fields are show with green tick and Red Cross icons, to show it is active or not (In screenshot no 3).
  • You can arrange and shuffle the field orders and save as your wish (In screenshot no 4)
  • Also you make some extra fields as mandatory in some cases. (In screenshot no 5)
  • To generate the form in a page or post use the short code [smack-wp-tiger-leads] as in snap 09. (Refer Snap shot 09)
  • Your form should look like (Refer Snap shot 10)
  • Same process should be done for contacts form settings. (Refer Snap shot 11 & 12)
  • For widgets also same process but to use only two or three fields to suite the widget fields. (Refer Snap shot 13)
  • Use the widget short codes for widget area. (Refer Snap shot 14)


  1. Can get fields directly from vtiger to wordpress
  2. Options to enable / disable and make fields mandatory
  3. Can Change the position of the fields.
  4. Can Change the display label of the fields.
  5. Short code to integrate form in post / page
  6. Separate short code to integrate form even as widget in sidebar
  7. Recaptcha to reduce the risk of using bots and Automated programs usually written to generate spam.


1.0 – This is the Pro version. Tested and found works well without any issues.

Upgrade Notice

1.1 – Updates are scheduled to release on Jan 2013.

Support & Feature request

Please mail to [email protected] for any support and help.